Monday, May 10, 2010

A day in the life . . . with ducking fiabetes

I know eventually it will get old but right now it is my new favorite swear word of choice!

Today has been a real duck fiabetes kind of day.  It's mother's day but D did not want to take the day off.  In fact it decided to play mean and dirty and this mother's day I am feeling sad and defeated.  So, again I say duck fiabetes.

My day always starts here:

12:00 AM - iPhone alarm goes off.  I throw the covers back and try not to wake the 2 little sleeping princesses that thought they should sleep with mommy for mother's day eve.  Stumbling through the house I find my way to the kitchen to find Nate's OmniPod PDM, insert test strip and cock the lancet. I turn on the hallway light outside of Nate's room and creep into his room. I prick his finger, fumble with the PDM and then sneak back towards the door.  Look down at the PDM and WHAT THE . . . 303?
I correct using the PDM's correction factor and head back to bed making sure the iPhone alarm is set for my next check.

3:00 AM - repeat of above except the PDM says 158 this time.  Nice.  Back to bed.

7:00 AM - Nate wakes up late which is ok by me.  We normally rise and shine around 6:30 AM around here.  I check his bg (which is 180) before I get him out of his crib so that I can bolus for breakfast before he starts screaming for food.

7:30 AM - prepare breakfast (yes,even on mother's day). Nate's breakfast includes: 1 Leggo blueberry waffle (15g), 1 drinkable yogurt (15g) and 1 cheesy scrambled egg.

9:30 AM - Snack time.  Check Nate's blood sugar.  BG = HIGH.  Are you kidding me?  I haven't seen that less than friendly greeting since the 1st week of pumping.  CORRECT with pump. Trace ketones.

Today is Pod change day so I go ahead and prepare the new pod & get ready for a battle.  A BG of 500+ and a pod change is not really my idea of fun.  Apparently, Nate agrees with me.  He was less than thrilled but we got it done.

At this point I get myself and the girls ready for church.  We've decided that Jim and Nate will stay home today.

Off to church.  A lovely Mother's Day sermon, listen to 2 of my aunts & my cousin sing a lovely song, sit next to my mom and grandmother in church but cannot stop thinking of that HIGH.  I remember that Nate grabbed his ear this morning while he was still in bed and kept saying "ear, ear, ear".  Ear infection?

Once home I check the PDM and find that Jim checked Nate at 11:20 am for lunch.  BG = 265
Suggested Bolus: 0.55, Meal: 0.85, Correction: 0.35, Minus IOB: 0.65
Nate had 30g of something for lunch (I didn't dare ask) - they are both napping.

2:30 PM - Nate wakes up from his nap.  Snack Time. I check his BG - - - 406. AWESOME! Correct AGAIN. How about a carb free snack?  String Cheese?  You betcha.  Trace ketones.

4:30 PM - Start thinking about dinner.  Check Nate.  BG = 86.  Bolus for 30g of carbs for dinner.

5:00 PM - Dinner.  Weigh Nate's chicken nuggets, corn and apple sauce.  Chow time.

7:30 PM - BED TIME.  Check Nate's BG.  138 - Nice. He asks for some drinkable yoyo (yogurt) so I bolus for 15g and grant his wish.  He drinks the yogurt in 1 big gulp and then it is lights out.

9:30 PM - This is normally a 10p check but I cannot keep my eyes open 1 more minute.  BG = 124. Probably too low but I am going to keep my fingers crossed.

11:30 PM - Since the 9:30 PM check was a little low and Nate always drops at night I set the alarm for 11:30 instead of midnight.  His BG is 70.  I treat the low with 15g of combo drinkable yogurt & apple juice.  If there is a liver lining in a low at night it is that I get to rock Nate.  I pick him up out of his crib and we move over to the rocker.  I rock, he drinks and I think how blessed I am to have such an amazingly cute little boy in my life.  He will be 2 next month and doesn't have much time for mom to rock him these days so I treasure this little midnight rock!! I head back to bed, setting my alarm for 20 minutes because I know I cannot stay awake ---- not even for 20 minutes.


Heather said...

I love that you rock him when you have to wake him up at night. I sometimes wish my daughter was young enough to wake up and rock. She rarely has lows at night though. If anything she runs high. Lately she has been really high. We are working on correcting that. :)

Thanks so much for sharing!

Penny said...

Aw Laura, you have a sweet little boy to rock and somehow, those moments get us through, don't they? You are a most excellent Momma, even with the FD (yep, I initialized it!) doesn't take a break. Rock on Laura! Thanks for sharing your day in the life.

Meri said...

Constant wondering what the heck is happening with their bodies...ear infection? Stress? Increased activity? Always guessing...hoping and doing the best we can. And I would have to say that yesterday you did an amazing job as a mother! We fight the good fight until we see a number we are happy with. Love to you friend!

Anonymous said...

Oh how I hate the wondering - always looming over our heads. Nice run down of your day. D doesn't ever take a break - even on Mother's day.

I wake to my iPhone alarm at night too! Marimba. :)

Karen said...

Stupid ducking fiabetes stressing you out on Mother's Day!! I'm glad it started to calm down by the end of the day. Thanks for such a great post about such a crappy day!

Tracy said...

I love that you can find something good out of getting up to treat a low in the middle of the night! Enjoy your snuggle time now while you can!

Great post, Laura!

Scott K. said...

I also set the alarm to wake me, but lately have had to set two because I sleep right through the first one!! My guys are too big to rock those moments even if the are brought to you by ducking fiabetes!!!

Wendy said...

DF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Frazzle dazzle frickin frackin 500 mumble jumble growl.


Love that you get to rock your baby...

Much better :)

Great post. Ducking Fiabetes. hehe. At our Pod training T-Bear got looks from walking through the Endo's office bellowing "diabetes sucks!". Maybe I'll teach him to say DF instead :)

My boys are too big to rock. We just snuggle instead. When your heart is hurting for your child, there's nothing better than cuddling and nuzzling in the wee hours.... - Mo

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