Friday, July 16, 2010

Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep

I seriously feel like that is all Nate's DexCom does.  BEEP!  I changed some settings and things have gotten better. But I had this idea while driving down the road with Nate and his DexCom was beep beep beeping!!

Since he is only 2 and still in a car seat he could not get to the receiver and even if he could I really would not want him chunking it at my head while driving!  So, I would like to develop a CGM specifically designed for children (the concept would work for adults too) and make the receiver a wristwatch. With a range more like the Navigator or even further!! I (mom or T1 Peep) could be wearing the watch and when an alarm goes off I could take a quick looksie (while driving, cooking, sleeping, in a meeting,  . . . whatever) and figure out a plan of action! It's quick, it's easy and it's a watch!!  I mean I like a nice watch just like the next person so if you want bling on your new CGM watch - - - I think bling should be an option!  Design your own CGM watch!!.  Wouldn't you rather wear a blingy (or design of your choice) watch CGM rather than a spibelt?

Because here is what happened when momma did not know which alarm was going off while driving (I haven't learned the different alarm sounds just yet).

Oh look - it's a perfect match!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oops - I think I should have pulled over to figure it out.  Live and Learn!


Penny said...

I think I smell a business venture!!!

Tracy said...

I like the idea!

And just to try to offer some help, Highs are two beeps, lows are 3 beeps, and lows below 55 are 4 beeps. :)

In time, you will learn to count the beeps. And the high ones sound different than the low ones.

But, I would totally buy a blingy CGM watch!

Jessica said...

I would LOVE that. I was just saying I wish I could wear the receiver instead of him. This watch is going to have to have one heck of an antenna, though. :)

Anonymous said...

This is interesting. It's actually not a new concept. It's something that has been in the works for years. I think knowing that there is interest in it might move things along. So post people and I'll get your feedback in the proper hands!

I am usually able to have the receiver in a cup holder next to me without a problem.

Beep, beep, beep is right. I strongly dislike all other appliances that beep. The cumulative effect has taken days off my life!

Meri said...

I always wanted a watch. A CGM watch. What a dream! It would be so awesome. Do they not know what a blessing this would be for THOUSANDS of families? Maybe a campaign is in order...

Donna said...


Seriously a GRAT idea - and yeah....mine would TOTALLY have bling! hehe

Unknown said...

I am totally ready to "sport" the bling...Although I am lucky b/c Joe is 7 years he is constantly looking at "Dexter" and reporting the number and the "arrows" and what "we" need to be doing...sometimes I need to tell him to "chill" - ARGHHH.


I love this idea! You should enter it into the diabetes contest thing...

I've been there. Ave can't get hers out when she's strapped in the car. And sometimes I can't hear because we're rocking out to the Chipmunks soundtrack. Frustrating for sure...

Pam said...

Sounds like a great idea. We don't have a CGM, so I don't fully understand why the receiver has to be so close. Seriously... 10 feet shouldn't be a problem.

Kirsten said...

Maybe they should be Bluetooth equipped to improve reception.

I am wearing a Dexcom 7 right now that I borrowed from my endo's office. I really can't afford to wear both the OmniPod and the Dexcom, but wanted to try this for a while to get a better idea of what my blood sugar is really doing when I'm not looking. I gotta say, though, the beeping drives me up the wall. It's bad enough that the bleeping pod beeps all the time, now this thing beeps too! All for a good cause, though, I guess.

News is that OmniPod & Dexcom have joined forces to create an integrated system and they've submitted it to the FDA for review. Approval is anticipated by October. Could be a whole new world for us!

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