Saturday, July 17, 2010

More swimmers in the family . . .

Nate and Sophie have been taking swim lessons from the same lady that taught me (A VERY LONG time ago).

Sophie loves it. Nate hates it.

Here is a video of Nate - he learned survival first and has now moved on to swimming. This video is of Nate floating for survival.

What does swimming do to his bg you ask?? Well, when he is swimming at home he drops like a ROCK - I'm talking CARBOPALOOZA baby (yep, I stole that word from Meri) and zero basal but when he is at swim class he goes high as a kite because he gets SO MAD!! Nothing is ever the same or easy with diabetes!!

And this is why Nate needs to be able to survive in the water (see picture below) - - - 
I was watching him from the next room. He moved Barbie's pretty, pink RV over to the door, stood on his tip toes and figured out the child-proof lock on the back door.  Can I just say that my girls NEVER did that!?!?  NOT ONE TIME!!

Nate has never been away from me since his dx so he is a MOMMA'S BOY! All that crying is not about the swimming or the floating - - - it is about him wanting his MOMMA!!

I told Jim that I really don't think I've ever had a boy quite so smitten with me. :)
It's starting to reach stalker status - - - I can't even pee in peace. It's gotten ridiculous in a good way. I love my little momma's boy!!

Ms. Sophie loves to swim too!! Here she is with her new BFF, Hannah -

Sophie was not swimming at all at the beginning of the summer and now she can swim the length of the pool.  I am so proud of her. She has worked so hard to learn to swim and feel confident in the water. Yea Sophie!!

2 Little fishies!!!


Cdejulius said...

Momma! that is AWSOME!! Both new Houston fishies and Hannah Grace too! Jerry and I keep watching the Nate flipping over one . . .So happy that they are all becoming pool safe!

Nicole said...

I know that the survival swim is soooo necessary and if anything every happened to a baby because they did not know how to do this would be a disaster. However it just broke my heart seeing little Nate crying out your name and being flipped over in the water, I couldn't watch the whole thing, I was in tears!!

Get swimming Houston bunch :)

Unknown said...

OK, I have all of the videos opened and playing at once and it sounds like a huge pool party on my computer - lol.

That is soooo awesome how Nate can do the survival float and I also am impressed by his jumping in and kicking to the man (your husband?).

Your kids are FISH girl!!!

phonelady said...

oh yes nate is a momas boy . so was my youngest boy . wow all the kids are pool safe YEAH !!!

We didn't have a pool, but had Mini Houdini's at our house beginning at a WAAAAAY early age. "Child proof door knobs"? Yeah, right. We put a simple slide-bolt on the inside top of the front door so they couldn't escape and go play in the street. Thank goodness they're all old enough now I don't have to worry so much about them. I just leave key door hinges "squeeky" so I know when someone's coming or going :)

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