Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rockin' the bg check at 2 years old -

After our perfect night that looked like this -

Nate checked his own bg today . . .

1)Take out test strip

2) Insert test strip into PDM (glucometer is built in to Nate's OmniPod PDM)

3)Make sure strip is in the PDM correctly

4)A little help from mom - getting the blood from his finger onto the strip

5)Ta-Da - Done!

Hmm - a little low!  That's ok - - - pancakes for breakfast!  Woot-Woot!!


Cdejulius said...

Can you spell AWSOME????? What a cutie and oh so smart!!!!! He looks so pleased in that last photo!! GO N8 . . .Go Team Super Nate . . .today was a GR8 DAY!!!!!!

Yay for a GREAT night! And YAY for BG check done by Nate!

Heidi =) said...

NICE! Nate you are a little ROCK STAR! Great job buddy!!

Meri said...

This post gave me the biggest smile. Seriously, I have perma grin! Go Nate!!! Awesomeness in real life!

phonelady said...

gosh he is so cute . ubber cute . glad things are going so well .

Penny said...

He is just SO darn cute - how do you not keep from pinching those cheeks all day long and kissing them?
Seriously, how wonderful and what a guy for checking his BG.
You are a wonderful Mama Laura!

Awesome!!!!! Go Nate! And I totally think you should frame that cgm pic and hang it on the wall!!

Jen said...

Go nate! He is getting so grown up looking!!

Tracy1918 said...

Pancakes for breakfast! I'm envious....that's the one food that always makes Matthew go high.

We need to work on that....

Good job, Nate!!

Karen said...

Wow, how awesome it that!!! Nate sure does rock!

Sarah said...

how cute is he?
And oddly I noticed a spiffy that his medical alert bracelet? Where did you order it?

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