Saturday, April 10, 2010

Friends with Benefits

Joanne, Jessica and I had a play date on Friday.  It was so nice to be around moms that understand all the D stuff.  We talk about other things too but somehow the conversation usually leads back to D somewhere along the way.  They are truly the perfect friends.  We can laugh, chat, eat and hang out and they totally get all of my crazy fears, emotions, successes and frustrations.

I believe it is so beneficial for the kids too.  Sophie loves to play with Elise and Liam & Nate just loves to chase them all around.  Sweet Payton just laughs and giggles!  Where else can they hang out and be just like the other kids in the room?  No one stares at the finger pricks, remote control pumps or shots.  I think it is so great for Emma and Sophie to be around other D kiddos too.  They have become so empathetic and wise beyond their years.

Friends with Benefits!


Meri said...

What an awsome playdate!! And those faces...they are priceless!!

Penny said...

How wonderful! I wish there were some way all of us D-Mom bloggers could get together, somewhere, some way. Hmmmm, maybe a pipe dream, but wouldn't it be fabulous to spend a few days together, all of us? Glad you have these friends to get you through Laura - it looked fun!

Joanne said...

You beat me to posting the pics... although I didn't get very many. That was a lot of fun! And thanks again for hosting!

Wendy said...

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love love love friends with the pics and LOVE THE SMILES!

Anonymous said...

Glad you have friends who can relate. It's important to feel that connection. I think Sophie has her first boyfriend. Cute! Helen

Donna said...

How wonderful!!!! GREAT pics, too!

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