Thursday, April 29, 2010

Beautiful Texas - A Post for Joanne

Joanne, I thought of you today as we were driving south on highway 45. There were beautiful Texas wild flowers everywhere & I thought about this post & thought I would dedicate my post to you.  Love you!!!

I love springtime in Texas!!  I've lived here my entire life - - - that's right, Friends - - - I've never left THE LONE STAR STATE. Anyway, back to my point - - - spring time in Texas is BEAUTIFUL.

We have the most beautiful wild flowers EVER and here are some pictures to prove it:

Oh yea - and some pretty cute kids live here too!!  :)

You may not love the Lone Star State but people in Texas love you (Fred, Fred, Jr and Elise too)!!!


Meri said...

Your pictures are beautiful! I've never been to Texas, so I can't say if it's pretty or not, but I can tell you the Bay Area is the most beautiful place on the planet, and Joanne has that to compare it to. :) So Texas never really stood a chance, no matter how beautiful it is!

(PS you babies are absolutely adorable!)

Wendy said...


Such a beautiful family :)

I'll be honest. Arizona has it's moments, but I don't think it's beautiful all the time!

LaLa said...

Spring is really the only time TX is pretty in a month or 2 everything will be dead from the SCORCHING heat!! I was just being funny for Jo!


Jen said...

Beautiful photos Laura!

phonelady said...

wow you have some beautiful children . gotta love texas . yes the wildflowers are beautiful but really dont like the heat . That is why I moved north LOL !!!

Penny said...

Hey there - I agree, Texas is beautiful. My sister worked for Exxon and lived in Clear Lake for about 5 years. My cousin lives in Missouri City. Not sure where they are in relation to you.
Your kids are gorgeous, they even beat those wildflowers!

Donna said...

FANTASTIC PICTURES!!! I LOVE that last one... so, so, pretty!!! =)

Tracy said...

I am in love with those pictures! Beautiful!

Amy said...

Texas Bluebonnets are for sure some of the prettiest wildflowers I've ever seen! However, I think that I do indeed live in the most beautiful state in the Union...Alaska takes all! :)

Some pretty cute kiddos there!

Heather said...

It does look so beautiful there. I have never been there but would love to go someday. You have beautiful children too.

Joanne said...

Wow! A post dedicated to lil ol' me! I am honoured! And those pictures are gorgeous!

I will admit that Texas does have some beautiful wildflowers. And some pretty great people too!

But my heart belongs to the left coast! Meri, can I come live in a box in your driveway??? At least for the summer?

Meri said...

Joanne, mi driveway es su driveway. :)

Truely beautiful. The flowers are nice, too :)

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