Friday, April 30, 2010

The Sweet Spot - Warning: Rated R for Some Nudity

We finally found the best spot for Nate's pod.  We like his arm, we love his thigh but have always struggled with his bum because of his diapers and his tendency to poop in them.

After some trial and error we finally found a spot that doesn't bother him and where the pod stays fresh as a daisy for 3 entire days!!

Here it is . . .

This is day 2 for Pod on Bum!

And the cutest part of it (as if that cute little bum isn't cute enough) Nate started saying "Pod on my bum" "Pod on my bum".  It's so cute.  I'll try to get a video of it because it really is THAT cute.


I'm just not sure what to say about those bare, exposed cheeks and how that picture may impact your and Nate's relationship as he gets older!!!

So glad you found what works for him and he's happy. I love your attitude - "his tendency to poop" - too funny.

Penny said...

Fabulous Laura! And I believe that you now have a blackmail picture for when he is older. Bring this out and show his girlfriend - won't that be a huge hit!
Grace doesn't mind it in this location either. She has it on her upper thigh right now.
The picture is priceless though!

Goodness, it looks so big on his little bum! Won't it be great when they start shipping the smaller Pods? - Mo

Jen said...

Excellent! This is exactly where we had our trial pod placed for Addison (for reasons of fat & far away from poop!) and he absolutely hated it! I am glad Nate is so comfortable with it and a bit jealous cause I do love the omnipod!

Donna said...

HAHA!!! That is one of the best bum pics I have seen!!! :o)
Total blackmail material!
I have to admit I am pretty envious right now! I have tried for almost a year to get Jacob to let me put his site on his bum... no dice. He just backs away from me with this "Hands off my @$$, Mom!!" look on his face! LOL

Meri said...

I'm looking forward to that video. I want to hear his sweet little voice. :)

That is the same sweet spot area we used on all our little ones too. There is more fat in that area, so the insulin absorbs slower and the numbers with our boys stay more stable.

If I were rating it, I would give it a PG13. :D

Lora said...

Um~ one day he is going to kill you for posting this:)

Wendy said...

SO CUTE!!!!!!!!! Seriously...that's like the CUTEST pod EVer...

Addy really liked her sites there too...we had to back off when she kept complaining that the waistline of her pants was irritating it :(

That is the cutest little bum! I would so love to hear him say that!!! That's pretty much where we do our sites- we go a little lower since * most * of the time she has a tendency to poop on the potty! :)

MomOfType1 said...

So cute--love it! I want to squeeze those sweet little cheeks!

connie said...

Too cute! I finally had an opportunity to see the Omnipod in person, both of my girls still take shots but after seeing the pod and how little it was my oldest daughter is really interested in getting a pump now, that's after 2 years of saying she did not want a pump. I think seeing the size of it and realizing that it wasn't some huge machine put her at ease.

alix said...

Love the tush!!!!

I will have to try that angle!!

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