Tuesday, April 27, 2010

No longer there . . .

Today was Sophie's parent teacher conference at her pre-school. I was not expecting any big surprises, she's a good girl and very, very smart like her momma. :)

Ok, the last part of that sentence was a little joke - she gets her smarts from her daddy. Seriously.

Here is an awesome self-portrait that she did in school -

Anyway, I walked into the school and saw her teacher right away. She was holding her conferences in a different class room. I knew the room right away and instantly got teary eyed. It was Nate's classroom. His picture used to be on the door but it was no longer there. You see, Nate had only gone to class for 2 weeks when he was diagnosed with T1. He was dx on a Thursday after I picked him up from school. He had soaked his clothes while there and it was right then & there that I knew I could not deny his symptoms anymore.

He went back to class once more after he got out of the hospital for school pictures (I stayed with him) - - -

You can't really tell from this picture but he was pretty skinny. He had not gained any weight from his 12-month check-up to his dx date which was 9/17/09. He was days away from 15-months. After his diagnosis he gained 7lbs by his 18-month check-up.

And here he is my little chunky monkey now - - -

I was sad while I was there for a moment but then I thought about all of the fun that Nate and I have had hanging out just the 2 of us every Thursday & it brought a smile to my face. We will give preschool another try next year if it feels right.

I actually like looking at these 2 pictures. Nate has grown into such a big, strong, healthy all boy kind of boy. So far, D has not slowed him down and I expect it to stay that way. I know we will have hurdles along the way but we take them one at a time and worry about them as they come.

It is just strange how sometimes D can just punch you in the gut unexpectedly.  It happened today with a sad memory but I quickly recovered and thought how blessed I am to have my sweet son here with me.   


Jessica said...

Looks like he's been putting his waffles to good use. :)

He is such a cutie pie, and you are right- he isn't let D holding him back! Look how much he's grown. We have two of the strongest, most amazing little boys. We should take more cues on how to handle all this D nonsense from them.

Love you and love that amazing all-boy boy of yours!

Cdejulius said...

Your post tonite made me have a tear . . .but I love how you turned it all into a positive . . .He is not the only one that has grown since the diagnosis . . . you have too . . . You make me so proud . . .and I love that little chunky Monkey . . .

Meri said...

He really has grown! He changes a little with every picture!

((HUGS)) D likes to blindside us. :( Bravo on rockin' the quick recovery!

Your little man is so cute!!! I was going to my twins in mothers day out before the D..... But now we have to wait....

Amen sister!!! We can't let D knock us down.

Oh, how he's grown! What a handsome little darlin! I love the "after" pics- they are so full of life! It's a beautiful thing!

(((HUGS))) to you and your beautiful clan!

phonelady said...

wow he is so cute !!! and yes they all change with every picture . glad sophies conference went so well . Okay so we know daddy is smart and we also know mommy is too . I hope next yr finds Nate in preschool and doing very well and continuing to grow .

Heather said...

I had one of those punch you in the gut moments yesterday too. You are right, we can't let D get us down. Your son is so handsome! Love your post.

Penny said...

Oh Laura - I know of these moments! You got through it though and it's ok. It will happen. You are such a great Mom to Nate and such a great resource to other D-Mommas out there.
And you grow such handsome little boys :0)

I've been doing this D thing for 4 1/2 years now and diabetes still gets in the occasional jab. It doesn't get me as much as it used to, but some things still sting unexpectantly. Sometimes it's the wierdest things too. Just wanted to let you know that I know how you feel.

Donna said...

What a positive spin... Good for you for not letting D take you down, Momma! =)
What a big strong boy he is now! You should feel VERY proud! =)

Lora said...

I was sad the other day as I sat in the Endo office. I watched a dad come in with his little guy (3 or 4 yrs old) looking kinda lost. You know that 1st visit when your not sure where to go/ how to check in or what to expect. I remember that day. I was so lost then :(

I am so glad you had the chance to spend that time with him though... you can't beat that.

Marc said...

Remember that band "Chumbawamba"?

I get knocked down, but I get up again - You're never gonna keep me down!

LaLa said...

HAHA - I love that song! Ummmm . . . couldn't have told you who sang it. Chumbawama - - - how did you remember that. Hilarious!

Lora, that is a sad story. I totally remember our 1st endo visit. I was a mess!

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