Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Snack Trap

Ok - Seriously!  The snack trap that I once loved and cherished is now something that I look at with sadness and despair.  You know what I'm talking about - - - those little bowls with handles and the little lid that the kids can get their hand through but MOST of the snack stays inside the bowl instead of all over the floor of your car.  Ok - you know what I mean.  Anyway, I loved those things before Nate's dx.  Both of my girls used them all of the time while we were out and about.  What better way to pacify a toddler than by feeding them a bowl full of CARBS!

I never really thought about how many carbs I gave my kids because I never had to think about it.

  • Driving around all day running errands - throw some cheerios in the snack trap and we are good to go.  

  • Shopping - you betcha just add some goldfish into the snack trap and you've got at least an hour to shop.  

  • Lunch with your friends - that probably requires goldfish and cheerios plus the can of Puffs.  
That's what I do to pacify my kids while I get things done.  Now what?  Ham and Cheese in the snack trap for some free snack food - I don't think so!!  

Having a toddler with Type 1 is hard for so many reasons & the snack trap is one of them!  I am having snack trap withdrawals. 

Ok, I got that off of my chest and feel better.

Moving on . . .

Does anyone have any ideas on how to entertain a 16-month old while cooking dinner?  I used to put him in his high chair with (yep, you guessed it) a handful or 2 of Cheerios.  Now what? 
He throws his toys down or across the room and then wants me to pick them up and give them back to him (repeat this 100X and you get the idea).

Ideas welcome . . .


AjsMommy82 said...

Fill up the sink with a little water and soap toss in some cooking utensils and let him pull up a chair.
Get out some good old pots and pans and some play food and let him cook on the floor.
We also have a kids kitchen set in our kitchen so they can cook too.
Good Luck!!!

Meri said...

Hot wheels. That is all I remember...we have a million of them. (4 boys) I'd take out the box and my little one would line them up and play with them forever. If that failed I'd have an older boy read him books, or watch him while he took a bath.

I know...this age is a challenge!
Good luck!

Wendy said...

I pull out all the tupperware/cookie cutters and give them some kitchen utensils...oh, and give him a couple oven mitts too :)

As for free can always stick him in the high chair with some SF jello and SF cool whip -- might be quite a mess, but he'll love it!

You can also scramble and egg and toss that on there. Put the eggs in a muffin tin and give him a spoon...he'll keep himself busy tranferring it from one hole to another.

phonelady said...

yes I remember pulling out the wooden spoons and pots and pans and let them play away . they have so much fun doing that .

Jen said...

Don't give up on your snack trap! We STILL use ours. I often weigh out the snack I put in there before we go somewhere so I know the carb count OR put in something like Annie's Bunny Crackers where I can count crackers that I put in (25 crackers =10 carbs). I just fill up what I think he will eat and then bring the box with me in case I need to fill up more. I have been known to put sliced meat, cheese and fruits in my snack traps too! Then I just stash it in a cooling bag to keep the food fresh. Not as easy as the throw in and go but it can still be your friend!

That little guy of yours is too cute. I agree with Jen, don't give up your snack trap!

I know it takes more time, but count out the carbs and put them in the snack trap and off you go. It is frustrating and at times discouraging, but you will find foods and ways to make it work for you!

Keep up the good work!

Cheryl said...

Laura, I love all your new friends comments . . .you will find the ones that work for you and Nate! I also love reading your blog . . .it shows that nice sense of humor that had disappeared for a little while! A little levity makes everything a little easier! xxoo

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