Monday, November 2, 2009

H1N1 – to vaccinate or not to vaccinate?

Ok, I am a vaccinator and I have never had any concerns over the link between vaccinating and Autism.  I mean, don’t get me wrong it’s always there in the back of my head but I don’t know that I really believe that there is a link. 

But, what if there is?

The H1N1 shots that our pediatrician received are the ones that contain Thimerosal.  We are set up to be vaccinated on Wednesday at 1:00 PM but I cannot get rid of this nauseating feeling in my stomach.  It’s the lingering thought that there could be the smallest chance that there could be a link and that Nate could later be diagnosed with Autism.  Oh my – I think that might kill me!  I love my little man so much, I love his Dennis the Menace smile, his adorable little giggle, the way he yells MAMA when he wants me and how he blows everyone (and their dog) kisses.  Oh – if I lost any part of his sweet personality it would do me in for sure!

I’ve read plenty that tells me that it is totally safe.  Here are a few links that I have mulled over while I am trying to make my decision.

I spoke with my pediatrician who is also a dear friend and she said "without a doubt get the H1N1 for Nate and the rest of the family".

Any ideas, words of wisdom or suggestions for this new D mom?

I mean really - look at this sweet little boy!


Meri said...

It's really hard not to be over think, "He's been through so much!" You want to keep him from ANYTHING that might hurt him...I totally know. I fight it all the time! I'm not saying that if you didn't vaccinate, you would be over-protective, but I am saying the extra worry is normal. Sometimes you have to make a decision and not look back.

We can worry ourselves to death, anything can happen. Fortunately, most of what we worry about never comes to fruition.

We ended up getting them. I hope you come to peace with whatever decision you make. Go with your gut. Either way, it's the right decision for you and your kids.

Wendy said...

Just wanna hug that little man of yours...SUCH A CUTIE!

We did get the H1N1 shots for our girls...I didn't think we would, but, after having a friend get so sick, I changed my mind.

I say make it a matter of prayer...

Aleksi will be getting his vaccination next week - It is such a personal decision but I am confident I have made the right choice. I'm sure you will be confident in your choice. We are coming up the the secndd anniversary of diagnosis very soon, Aleksi was just 4 then. He never ceases to amaze me with his ability to lead a great life, blood tests , injections and all!

phonelady said...

Okay well after talking with several ppl with small children I would get it and especially after hearing about so many ppl in comas because of the virus . I also have talked with some medical proffesionals and they do say that the good outweighs the bad so yes I would do it . It is scary .

Jen said...

I agonized over this for the same reasons as you. I was told by our ped that Addison would be getting a version without thimerosal but when we arrived to get the h1n1 vaccine last week and I double checked they said it actually DID have thimerosal. They weren't able to get the thimerosal free version! I panicked for a moment but in the end my husband and I got the vaccine because death seemed like a worst case worse than autisim. Hope this helps! It is such a personal decision, but we did what seemed right for us!

Cheryl said...

Poppa and I are with you all the way . . .whatever your decision would have been, we would have supported it . . .We are both getting our shots next week so there will be no possible threat to any of the children ever . . .I loved all the comments from the new blog friends . . .how kind and loving they are . . .you are a lucky young woman!! (albeit a TIRED lucky young woman)

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