Monday, November 30, 2009

New Day - New Post

My mom said that my last post made me sound desperately depressed so I must clarify . . .
I am not about to jump off of any cliffs anytime soon.  Who would take care of Nate if I did that?? 
Just Kidding!

As with anything there are good days and bad days.  There are always more good than bad because I have my beautiful son here with me along with his 2 wonderful sisters. Sometimes it is just hard.  Some days counting carbs all day long is overwhelming - it is what it is so I am adjusting.  I just use this blog to vent.  So, please know - I am the same fun, loving, happy mom that I have always been --- I just have a few bad days now and then.

And yes, Jim is out of town again so that always makes things a little bit harder.  I miss my husband and his help with the kids when he is gone.


Fred said...

I get it Laura... I'm right there with you. When things are going well it makes all this a little bit bearable. But when things just plain ol' SUCK, it's hard to get out of bed sometimes. I wish I could fix it for you (and me too), but all I have to offer are my ears and my shoulder.

Joanne said...

obviously that was me, not Fred... He always forgets to sign out! Grrrrrr

alix said...

Laura, we all have days like that. I have had quite a few since Tyler's dx. Our blog family gives us the support we need on days like that. Getting your feelings out is way better than keeping them in!!! We are all here for each other :) Big Hugs!

Tracy said...

It is definitely ok to have a bad day (or more) and vent! This is the place to do it. :) We have all been there and really do "get" it.

Wendy said...


Well, I love ya -- the good the bad and the....BEAUTIFUL!

This disease brings out raw emotion that you've never experienced before.

Be easy on yourself....and vent away.

Cuz we get it.

PS -- If I were there, we could have a Mommy's NyQuil sleepover :)

phonelady said...

Yeah with all we have to deal with it is okay to have a bad day every now and then and no one says you have a certain number of days to feel bad or good . I was a single mom raising a t1 and I myself being a t1 was difficult and you can do this . You are not a weak willed woman and you can do this with or without your hubbys help. You are a strong woman and you are nates mom and he needs you and so do your girls . You are fine and yes my mama said there would be days like this.

I swear, Laura, I think you read my mind sometimes. You say just what Im feeling. There are definitely days where I want my old life back and days where I just want to be done with diabetes for awhile. I hear you. I get it. Vent away.

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