Monday, August 1, 2011

Glucagon and Carry On

We've been in a good place lately. No HIGH highs or LOW lows.  Just plugging along through the normal challenges of parenting a T1 during summer activities such as swim lessons.  Whoa nelly --- it took about a week to get that one figured out.   Anywho . . . so today took us completely by surprise.

The girls and I were cleaning the playroom when Nate comes running in and drops the Light Bright and all of it's million little pegs all over the floor.  Grrrrr!! I was so mad at him.  I told him (loudly) to pick them up and he flat out refused, started crying and saying NO NO NO.  His behavior was a little off but not WAY off.  I took a look at Dex --- > 112 with a straight arrow.  I actually thought to myself --- I'm so kicking D's butt right now.  It was 3 hours after breakfast and absolutely no spike.  As I was very busy patting myself on the back I noticed Nate's eyes glaze over and his words became slurred.  I scooped him up and he fell limp into my arms. 

Emma ran for Nate's D bag so we could test him . . . . 44.  What the heck?
Emma ran for some GoGo Squeeze apple sauce and he refused to eat it --- GoGo Squeeze is Nate's all time favorite treat so I immediately knew we were in trouble. I ran to the kitchen -- attempted a juice box and a squeezable yogurt.  He was combative and refusing to eat or drink anything.

Again, I scooped him up and ran him into the bedroom so that Jim could help me.  He immediately took Nate and tried to force the juice, the apple sauce and even some Smarties.  We were unable to get him to eat or drink anything so we started just rubbing the apple sauce in his mouth but he would act like he was going to vomit and then spit all of the apple sauce out.  His head was bobbing and his eyes were rolling.

Jim looked at me and said out loud what I was thinking --- it was time for the Glucagon.
I ran into the kitchen and was amazingly calm as I opened the very intimidating red kit, mixed the solution together and grabbed a syringe.

Loaded and ready to go I went back to the bedroom where Jim was holding Nate.  Jim went to get more food/candy and I gave a small dose of the Glucagon.  I didn't think it was necessary to give the entire dose.  Just minutes later he was totally fine.  Telling Jim he wanted some Smarties.  His sweet, raspy voice laughing as Jim and he were play fighting over the Smarties on the bed.  It was that fast.

As soon as I heard that sweet voice I fell back onto the bed and the tears began to roll down my face.  As I walked back to the kitchen to clean up my mess I snapped a picture of the aftermath.  I posted it on Facebook and within moments started getting words of encouragement from all over the U.S.  My phone rang and as soon as I saw my friend, Joanne's name pop-up I could no longer keep it inside.  I fell apart on the phone with her.  She understood.  Neither of us had to say a word.  Same.  I went from totally calm to an absolute wreck in just a matter of moments.

So, my lessons for the day were --

* Never get complacent with diabetes ---- stooooooopid.

* Gluagon --- not as intimidating as I thought it would be but I strongly advise doing a practice  run so that you are more comfortable with it in case the need should ever arise.

* Glucagon --- in a non life or death situation a small dose works wonders.

I think I need to insert a disclaimer here . . . Always consult a physician or call 911 if you feel like you or your loved one is having a severe hypoglycemic situation or seizure.

So, for your viewing pleasure here is a video just about 30 minutes before Super Nate's super low:

And a picture of Nate terrorizing his sister, Emma 30 minutes after his low:

I love this picture because my sweet Nate is 100% safe, alive and as precocious as ever after a very scary low (ducking fiabetes) and I also love the way Emma is just totally ignoring him.  :)

Glucagon and Carry on --


Unknown said...

Wow. You and Jim did a fabulous job Laura. That must have been so scary. are right about Glucagon. The "Mini-Dosing" is even on Wikipedia if people wanna go scope it out.

Maybe the high heel wearing causes lows? We should as Lora. :)

oxoxoxoxoxo you guys are my heroes!!!

Penny said...

Oh my. Scary. You and Jim did wonderful with it. It's scary any time the Gluc comes out. Glad everything is ok. We can never rest with the D, can we?! Love to you.

You and Jim make a wonderful diabetes tag team! I can't imagine how scary that must have been.

Praise the Lord for Glucagon!!!!

Roselady said...

It's so funny how glucagon can make the whole scene change emotionally. It's so hard to see it as just another treatment. Glad things worked out. We had a 40 yesterday, signs detected, except for Dex. Fortunately, I didn't have trouble getting sugar into him.

I hate this effin disease! I know I should be past that but as I read this, and am holding my breath with each word I can't help it.

You, Jim and Emma handled it like champs! And to say Thank GOD he's ok is an understatement.

Love you both like crazy! Here's to a better week and D sucking it big time.

Tracy said...


Thankful for Glucagon and quick action! And so thankful Nate made it through unscathed.

Esther said...

Oh Laura! You are so special! Nate is so lucky to have you guys as his family! (((hugs)))

Stephanie said...

So thankful for Glucagon. I was so intimidated and scared to use it the first time, but I love knowing that we have it...a little dose can make things so much easier. ((Hugs))

PS...go check my blog, honey...Coco is coming your way!!

Anna said...

very scary. so glad things worked out ok. Been thinking about you guys and your SS Sophie.

Tracy1918 said...

Oh Laura! You need a break, Sweet Friend! Thank you for all the details though. I think when people share their glucagon stories, it makes you realize that glucagon is such a blessing!

(We left the hospital being very frightened of it. So wrong!)

You are an awesome d-mom. So glad Joanne was there for you.

Denise said...

It is times like that that I HATE DEX! The whole point is to catch those lows before they are bad. Glad you were on top of it and pulled out the glucagon. One thing I have learned from the DOC, is that glucagon is our friend and should not be feared. Glad all is good now. You rock!!

Way to go, you awesome D'rents! :)
Glad you had Jim there to lend support and then Jo to be with you while you let it all go!
Amazing how quickly things can go down and then right back up again!!

Amy said...

You make it sound so normal! So non-chalant! So 'well this is the nest step'! Well, because it is. Why is glucagon so scary? Is it the red box? The long meedle? The mixing iup of the powder? Don't get me wrong . . . situations that CALL for glucagon (as Nate's) are scary, but the glucagon itself shoudl not be. Thank you for giving another example so I won't be so freaked out when out time comes.

Now, the video. clickclickclickclickclickclickclick . . . .oh my. He can run better in heels than most women can in tennis shoes! And, so cute. The cutest. The superest awchumost kiddo e-v-e-r. I want to have him come and live with me, K? You have enjoyed him enough. Share the Nate love!!!!!

Lora said...

Those shoes are hot!

Just to answer Reyna's question... my shoes actually make me kinda high :)

I am so glad Jim(and Jo) was there to support you. And I agree... never get complacent.

Unknown said...

Temp basals for heels!

You guys did awesome...GREAT JOB TEAM NATE!

Doesn't EVERYONE have a little brother crawling on them while trying to watch their favorite show? DUH!

Michelle said...

So glad this story has a happy ending :) You guys did GREAT...just the thought of having to use the Glucagon puts a whole new spin on things...I think for me it's because it's a "rescue" med. I'm glad you had it and it worked like a charm! Glad to see Super Nate was right back in the swing of things so quickly (amazing to me how they bounce back so easily) and I LOVE Emma just lying there ignoring his antics :)

Misty said...

Oh Laura, I missed this on FB! That must have been so scary for you guys. You did an amazing job! I'm so happy that it was over just as quickly as it came on.

And Reyna, I was thinking the same thing about the high heels!!

Lora said...

You and Jim did an amazing job! Bad lows are the scariest thing ever - thanks for setting a great example and sharing this with everyone.

Sometimes I don't know what little Dexie-poo is thinking! Love it when it's accurate, but when it's not, I just want to run it over!

Love and hugs to you and your sweet family!

Sarah said...

Yikes Laura, I am so glad you guys were so quick witted about how to handle the situation and such a great team. What a scary moment. And Super Nate is sooooo okay, and as always SUPER CUTE!

Laura, I learn so much from you and Reyna. We should have used gluc Sunday night, I don't know why that red box is so intimidating, but it is. Jack started vomiting and just couldn't keep juice/candy down. He was only 67 (nowhere near our lowest low, but had 1.3U on board)and he was vomiting, eyes rolling, asking to go to sleep. Luckily our neighbors had "real" coke and he held that down and recovered. We were headed to the hospital, bag was thrown together while I was on phone with Endo. Why didn't she tell me about the mini-dose? Why was her only answer ER and IVFs? It makes me angry that she didn't even suggest it.....but now I know. There have been two nights now where the gluc should've come out and I WILL NOT be scared to use it ever again! Thanks for sharing, YOU ROCK, and I'm glad Super Nate is ok :-)

Meri said...

I can't believe I missed this on FB. You are my hero. I've been in that moment and I know the terror of it all. Big hugs to my amazing friend and her amazing family. LOve you!

I can't believe I missed this either. It happens SO FAST. I so know. I know exactly. I have tears, my heart is racing, I feel sick to my stomach just reading it - because I KNOW! I am SO SO glad that the mini dose did it's job and that he was back to Normal Nate quickly! Thank the Lord! ((Hugs)) sweetie. You rocked it!

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