Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Quick Intro . . .

I've been busy working on 504 plans for both Sophie and Nate but I'm taking a little break so that I can share a few blogs with you . . . 

1st off a new PWD Blogger whom I've gotten to know and love ----

Please stop by and say hello to Elizabeth over at Mountaineer Proud.  We've been chatting for months via email about podding and dexing (does that sound dirty - may need to find a new term for the DexCom) and I am so excited that she has started a blog!!

And . . .

Another D-Mama in the house . . . Ida just started blogging at Wishing for a Cure . . . Now! <--- love the name!  Me too, Ida.  Me too! Ida's son, Nicholas was diagnosed on November 16, 2009 at the age of 4.  Nicholas is a fellow podder.  So, she's a Mother Podder just like me.  :)

Ok ---- I've got to get back to the 504 planning.  Nate's meeting is Monday.  

Keep calm and carry on . . .


Denise said...

love the new pic on top!
will have to stop by and check out those blogs when I have some extra time.
hoping you all are doing well!! good luck with the 504s.

Elizabeth is awesome! Thanks for Dmama link. Hope the 504s are going smoothly!


Loving the new picture....I'm a sucker for a 'from the back' photo of kids!
Thanks for the heads up on the new meetings new friends!
Bean's 504 is next on the To Do list...almost it's turn!
Wow...someone likes the ... today!! ;)

Amy said...

Awwwwwwwww. You always have the bestest photo headers. Thanks for the new blogs t read. I was getting bored with yours ;)

Colleen said...

Not bored but snorted when I read Amy's comment!

Anonymous said...

Aww I'm feelin' so much love I'm blushing :)

Unknown said...


Guess that makes me a Mutha Pinga :)

Penny said...

Love the new picture of the kiddos! Thanks for letting me know about the new bloggers - the more the merrier in the DOC! Headed over to their blogs now.

Holly said...

Hahahaha, Amy! I'll check them out too! I love the new header too! Nate's feet up high are SO cute.
I thought of you yesterday! We were at Justice, and they have little silver necklaces that say "love" (like the Brighton ones!) for little girls for $2.95 with a purchase of 7.95 right now-my daughter had to have one to match mine. ; )
Hope you get the 504's done! : )
..Guess that makes me a Mamatronic? (totally not the same ring though) : )

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