Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Are you there CPS? It's Me, Laura

I'm hoping CPS isn't on Facebook and I'm praying they don't have a caseworker reading my blog already because you know ---- Super Nate strikes again.  Today he decided to face plant flat onto the floor -- front teeth 1st.

The above pictures were taken after the indecent happened, we went to the dentist and then he passed out. He fell around 4:00 PM, he slept until about 10:00 PM when I woke him to treat an oncoming low bg, gave him some Motrin and put him back to bed.  Poor little guy is miserable.

The dentist took X-Rays --- that was fun --- he fractured the root on both teeth and possibly the bone.  Both teeth are very loose and wiggly.  We go back Thursday for further X-Rays and will be referred on from there.  The thought of losing those adorable, little teeth makes me so sad.

Ugh - if we end up doing a double root canal we will have to change his name from Super Nate to Hillbilly Nate.

For your hillbilly-white trash reading pleasure . . .

Just before Nate's face plant he had a little tinkle accident so I took off his pants, cleaned up the tinkle and sent him on his way to put on a clean pair of undies.  Well, apparently that never happened.  When he decided to dive into the living room floor he had nothing but a t-shirt on.  Luckily, someone grabbed some underwear on the way out the door but that's it.  So, screaming Nate was at the dentist with nothing but a smile, a t-shirt and some undiepants!  Yep - that's just how we roll down here in Texas. 

Can't decide today ---
Keep Calm and Carry On or Freak Out and Run Amok


Kelly said...

OH MY GOSH!!! That looks painful! Poor little guy!! I love those cute little baby teeth, Im hoping they will be okay!!!! ((HUGS))

Stephanie said...

BOYS!! I tell you, boys just know how to create chaos. :)

Poor Nate...what a day! I hope his teeth are fixable - this is like the absolute last thing you guys need to deal with. (((hugs)))

Unknown said...

ACK! I hope everything turns out okay. Love baby teeth :(

But his smile is still priceless!!!

Sarah said...

Ethan did that exact same thing, no joke...somehow the teeth survived, and now they're loose at age 5 1/2. However, when we were worried he'd lose them my mom comforted me with adorable pictures of her at two, three, and four with no front teeth - seems she had quite the ability to maul herself, too!
Hope Super Nate feels Super Great soon!

Unknown said...

Oh NO!!! Poor Nate! Poor you!!!! That stinks Laura. I am hoping for the best. xo

Cdejulius said...

Love your sense of humor . . .Am hoping to keep the teeth but if not, Bob offered to make you some baby Billy Bob teeth . . .he and Uncle Andy can wear them together . . .Can hardly wait to see my little guy today . . he needs a GaGa and Poppa hug!!

Cindy said...

Oh, poor Nate! And poor mommy! It's so hard when they do things like that. I know it's not much comfort, but at least it's his baby teeth. And I love your sense of humor about it all! I can just picture all the dental hygienists giggling over Super Nate in his little undies! He's just too darn cute!

Kelly said...

Super Nate would look adorable with or without teeth...just too cute for words! Keeping my fingers crossed that he is back to his super self soon.

Jen said...

Poor Nate!! Poor mama! I hope he heals up quickly.
This post really creeped me out though, I have to tell you ..teeth stuff..I don't know..it just gives me the willies! I don't know what I am going to do when Addison starts getting loose teeth.I shudder at the thought!

Nicole said...

OMGosh you need to tie that kid down and lock him in a closet. Poor buddy!!

and OMGosh I love you for taking Nate to the dentist in only a t-shirt & underwear!! that is great!!

Fell better sweet super Nate!!

Michelle said...

Poor Nate...and poor mama! You've been through total chaos lately!
Charlotte face-planted on a pool deck (climbing on an ice chest) when she was 2 and jammed her front 2 top teeth up into her gums. I was devastated when one of them abscessed and they had to pull it. But she did great and it wasn't as bad as I thought...we told her it gives her some extra character to her smile, lol!

Leigh said...

Awww. Poor Super Nate! I swear... Aiden just did the same thing except that it was over the diving board and he face planted on the cement. :( but his nose must have taken more of the blow than his teeth. Still so sad to see our little guys all banged up!! I am pretty sure DHS has me on some kind of watch list!! ;) And I am seriously in need of more sleep or something, but I was thinking "awww Aiden had that same shirt!!" duh!!! ;)

Meri said...

That picture breaks my heart. Love and prayers for a speedy/easier than we think recovery!

Tracy1918 said...

The pictures are heartbreaking....poor Nate. Poor Laura....

I seriously was cuddling my phone and kissing his face! I told dh look at my Natey Poo!!

Poor baby :( Poor mama! But he's gorgeous and this won't change a thing. Promise.

Anna said...

It's great that you can make jokes in light of a bad situation. Your poor little hillbilly! I hope you get good news about his teeth.

Heather said...

Well, I hope everything is alright with his teeth, but if not, he'll just look like an early bloomer for having lost his front teeth already. My son had a little friend who fell on the playground and wound up knocking his primary teeth out. His permanent teeth are in now, and no one even remembers that he was missing them for so long!


Michelle said...

I just came upon this blog yesterday when searching for JDRF magnets to sell at our upcoming Walk fundraiser. I LOVE it! So motivating to me! My daughter is 8 and was diagnosed this past Memorial Day weekend. I wanted to post because my younger daughter is 3 and had a "bike wreck" as she says and lost one of her front teeth. It was very hard for me to get used to. So I feel your pain. But...Nate is as cute as ever! Good luck to you guys and please keep posting! It's really a relief for me to know others feel the same way I do.

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