Thursday, August 11, 2011

Inspiration Through Art - FKA Littlest Heroes Project

A little about Inspiration through art from their website --

Inspiration Through Art is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering young people to give back, and make a difference through the beauty of art. We are artists with a passion for giving and inspiring others. Through our own artistic talents we are able to come together as one, to let children around the world know that they are loved,despite the challenges they face everyday.

Inspiration Through Art was founded in January 2008 by Felicia Reinhard, made up of professional photographers, artists, children, and other volunteers nationwide that provide free programs and services to our nations heroes. Through the power of photography and the gift of art we are giving back and taking a stand for these children who sometimes feel forgotten because of their illnesses. We are here to let them know that they are heroes to many, and to share their inspirational stories and photos with the world.

If you have a child, or know a child, who suffers from any type of serious illness or life altering disability we are here to help. Inspiration Through Art provides our special heroes with complimentary photo shoots, special cards and mail, gift packages, and various  other programs, events, and fundraisers.

 Last year we signed up for Inspiration Through Art (FKA - The Littlest Heroes Project).

To make a VERY long story short we heard back from them and then we didn't and a year later we just had our pictures taken by a wonderful photographer here in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.  Brooke Lowther from MaddiePie Creations

Brooke did an amazing job!  We met in mid July --- outside --- in Texas --- where it was about 100 degrees outside.  Yea - what was I thinking?

To make things even better . . . Sophie had just come out of remission and was not feeling well AT ALL.  Luckily, there was a restroom at the park which Sophie and I spent a lot of time in while the others were hanging at the park and taking pictures.  The restroom was a God send but the restroom was also a brick building (oven) with no a/c and it was about 350 degrees inside.  I won't go into all of the details here but if you've read anything about Sophie's UC you know when she has to go to the restroom it is NOT a quick trip.

Sophie and I were absolutely melting.  It was sweltering in that bathroom.  As you can see from the pictures Sophie was her beautiful smiling self throughout the entire shoot.  Just a week or so later she was in the hospital.  T-R-O-O-P-E-R!

I did not fare as well.  My makeup melted down my face and I'm pretty sure the heat added about 30 pounds.  Seriously!  That can happen you know! 

Here are a few more shots for your viewing pleasure . . . 

Although it was hot as heck and Sophie was sick as can be the kiddos really had a good time.  I am thrilled to have these adorable pictures of our children and I am beyond thankful to MaddiePie Creations and Inspiration Through Art for the opportunity to share them with you!

The founder of Inspiration Through Art is an amazing young woman named Felicia Reinhard.  She started The Littlest Heroes Project as just that ... A 365 day project. As you can read here it turned into something so much bigger and amazing.  If you have applied to The Littlest Heroes Project and never heard back I strongly urge you to read the letter from Felicia and contact Inspiration Through Art and submit your application again.  Felicia is a funny, delightful and beautiful young lady that has started something so special and she is trying very hard to make it work.

Thank you, Felicia and Brooke!!

Keep calm and carry on ---


Roselady said...

Oh my gosh, what beautiful pics. I really liked your header last time I looked on the blog -- and I guess this photo shoot is where it came from. What a time in your life, despite the hardness of illness, there is such beauty surrounding you in all those faces. Little baby faces. Adorable. And, you and your husband complete the picture, of course!

Leigh said...

Uhhhh-mazing pictures, Laura!! They are just all beautiful!! :) You have such a beautiful family. You are all heroes!! And I am so thankful to know you!! (and maybe even in real life in a couple of months!! We got our tickets so we cam let the planning begin!!) ;)

I love them! You ALL look beautiful! Sweet Sophie is such a trooper seriously, amazing.

That pic of Nate with his head on his hands..would it be weird if I put that on my fridge :D

Anonymous said...


NikDuck said...

Beautiful, beautiful family! I am so glad you have these pictures to remember this time in your life.

Kelly said...

Simply stunning photos of a wonderful family!

The DL said...

What a gorgeous family! These photos are so beautiful!!!!

Unknown said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy to see these precious photos ;)

Amy said...

Anybody could take a fabulous picture of your adorable family. Really. You all are sooooooo photogenic! Or, is y'all?!

These are great photos and the photographers did a great job, in spite of the heat.

Holly said...

Those are some gorgeous kids AND pictures! : ) You totally wouldn't know that Sophie was so sick, she IS a trooper!

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