Monday, July 18, 2011

Just Pictures


Anonymous said...

Welcome home Sweet Sophie... Hope you are feeling better! Elise sends you big hugs and kisses.

-From Joanne (obviously). Frackin' google not letting me comment on some blogs.

You both totally rock those shades!
And I LOVE that her booster is zebra print!!

Meri said...

Pictures are so powerful. They show Sophies sweet soul and strength. They show the love of your family. And best of all, they showed she got to go home!

You look super skinny Laura...are you eating woman? <3

You saved the best for last! I'm so glad she's going home! Still sending you many, many prayers and much, much love!!

Michelle said...

Great pics! So glad she was able to do some fun things while she was there....but "there's no place like home" and I'm so glad you all were able to get released and back home :) Hope she's feeling better!!!

Lora said...

Glad you guys are home. Big hugs!!

Welcome home love!!

So glad to know you're in your own bed surrounded by all your babes. And sweet Sophie, her spirit and strength are amazing.

Love you!

AjsMommy82 said...

Welcome home super sweet Sophie!! Looks like she stayed pretty busy with all the arts and crafts! And laura you looked totally awesome in those glasses! I think they should be your everyday sunglasses!!!!

Leigh said...

Yay for getting to come home!! What a super sweet girl and super sweet family! :) still praying!!

NikDuck said...

Welcome home! Love, love, love all the pictures! I love all her art creations too. Like Meri said, you do look super skinny and are you eating or as my Mom would say, have you put on your oxygen mask?!

Becky V said...

Oh Laura! I have just read all your blog posts on Sophie's most recent trials and it is heartbreaking. But you are right - her smile is the same beautiful constant through it all. Praying God blesses her with a cure (or at least a long remission) very soon! And praying for you and the rest of your family. So glad she is home now!

Valerie said...

Those pictures are truly precious! I'm glad she is out of the hospital and your family can be home all together. I hope things are going better and continue to go well.

Amy said...

These photos represent one very cool family who is adored by many! What a great way to celebrate Super Squirt's homecoming. Hope you are resting and cuddling and just chillaxing out, my friend. <3s

Holly said...

Yay! !! On the way home?? I am praying you got some answers, and she's better! : ) Love the pictures, and she's just beautiful.

Misty said...

Bitter sweet, those pictures are! Such beautiful, smiling faces...surrounding Sophie in much love! So happy that she is home now. You all are in my constant prayers.

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