Saturday, July 2, 2011

It happens to us too . . . Beeeeep!


Yes, it happens to us too!!  Alarming pods.

Alarming pods happen.  I could bitch and moan about them but what will that accomplish? 

Keep calm and carry on.  
That is my motto ---- most of the time. 

But this week I had to call OmniPod & tell them my head would surely explode if I should hear one more alarming pod.  It didn't help that we have also had 4 bad DexCom sensors in the past 7 days.  Between the pods and the dex sites ---- we are totally out of Super Nate Real Estate!

The very nice lady that called me back from OmniPod, listened to my issues, empathized with my feelings, and told me she understood exactly how frustrated I was with the alarming pods.  We agreed together to swap out the box so that my head would not explode and now all is right in my little OmniPod world again.  Thank you, OmniPod for your great customer service.  

The thing about the alarming pods is this . . . at least I know.  Right?  I know that it is alarming because there is a problem.  So, I guess I am actually thankful that the pods alarm.  What if I didn't know that it wasn't delivering insulin? That is scary.  DKA would set in fast with no long acting insulin on board. As frustrating as alarming (beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep) pods can be I am thankful that they are SO ALARMINGLY SAFE! 

And . . . yes I do syringe the insulin right back out of the pod if it has been in less than 24 hours. <---- not FDA approved and I am not suggesting that you should do this ---- it's just what I do. 

I truly believe that OmniPod is the reason that my little boy is living his little 3-year old life to the fullest.  I know that without this product we would not be sitting on a great A1c or be able to live without the restrictions that diabetes can often cause.  I appreciate all that you do, OmniPod. Even when it is something as simple as listening to my concerns and reconfirming that you care about me and my little guy. 

Now ---- Listen Up, DexCom you should take a little lesson from the folks over at OP.    Sensor Failure, Error 1, Error 1 and Error 1.  Customer service ---- hmmmm ---- hanging up on me today while I was venting really wasn't productive for either of us. I love me some DexCom but your customer service skills are lacking.  Just sayin'.


Unknown said...

Ah...that beeping would be SO ANNOYING!!!! I am not sure I could handle it.

Bummer on the multiple site failures Laura. And...way to go Omnipod!

Penny said...

Oh the beeping pod, I have resorted to throwing them into the freezer when I cannot immediately crush them! OmniPod Customer Service has been nothing but wonderful, I agree. Sorry about the Dexcom. Sorry about he multiple site failures too. Keep on keepin on Super Nate and Super Mommy!

Poor Natey tush and arms. But I love your point. A beep is an alert which shit I wish everything did that! Insulin beeping when bad?! Imagine?

That sucks on the Dex sensors I'm sorry. And shame on them for hanging up on you. Id never do that ;)

Hope this week has rockin sites and sensors. Xoxo

Lora said...

Sorry you have had such a "beepingly" frustrating week :|... hehe, I couldn't help myself.

Glad its over though and great customer svs = luv.

I can't believe someone at Dexcom hung up on you.

Pam said...

"No pod change!". So heartbreaking. I just changed my 10year old's site and she cried. God definitely gave Nate a brave, strong mama to handle this. You're awesome!

Amy said...

When we start podding, will a super cute Nate come along with our starter kit?! I really hope so because he woudl be the bestest demonstrator e-v-e-r.

When Ellie complains about having to take a shot, I am going to show her these vlogs of Nate. Ellie will become overwhelmed with desire to squish Nate's cheeks that I will have a chance to sneak in a poke. Mwuahahahahahahaha

Sarah said...

so, despite the BEEEEPPP your son is absolutely adorable. Yes the pod changes must suck, but he is still an incredible energetic little dude who makes me want to reach right through the screen and give him a fist bump for being so tough.
I'm glad Omnipod is being so great about replacing their failing pods and can not believe Dexcom hung up on you, that is unacceptable. I am sure being a customer service rep must suck at times, but you know what that's their job to hear our complaints...I hope you get a better response the next time you call.
Take care Laura and thanks for sharing these videos of your precious Nate. BTW I sent a guy over here from the CWD board to learn more about toddlers and Dexcom, his name is William :)

Holly said...

Go, Omnipod! Customer Service is invaluable-I'm so glad they listened to you vent. Sometimes that's exactly what we need. : )
Sorry about dexcom hanging up-that would've sent me over the edge! ahhhh! As if you aren't already annoyed!
Omnipod-1, Dexcom-0
: ) Holly

kkd said...

We agree that Omnipod's customer service is one of the best we've ever had to deal with.... Sorry it has been a rough week, but love your attitude. We had our first beeeeeep, Saturday am, so it's sounding like it won't be our last. We were told last week that it was okay to pull insulin back out of an unused pod, glad to hear you do this too.

Anonymous said...

I just came upon this posting....we too have had several beeping pods lately and very inconvenient times, but luckily, Omnipod has been great to us to and is replacing an entire box.

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