Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Super Nate is in the House!

Nate is a super cute junior ambassador for The Diabetes Dude and this week Nate got a chance to represent The Dude, raise awareness for T1 and raise money for JDRF.  Monday night Nate got to throw out the 1st pitch at the Rough Riders game.

We decided to turn the event into a fundraiser for Team Super Nate and the JDRF so we invited all of our friends and family to come out and watch Nate toss out the 1st pitch with a portion of the ticket sales going to JDRF.

Nate cried on the mound --- he was a little nervous ---

So ---- you know ---- Jim actually threw out the 1st pitch ---- but we had SO MUCH FUN!!

Sadly, the Rough Riders lost this one but we stayed to cheer until the bitter end.  Our seats were in the RR's bullpen area and Nate loved watching the players warm-up.  At the end of the game one of the players gave Nate one of his bats. 

When Nate woke up Tuesday morning the 1st words out of his mouth were "I'm in love with baseball".  So funny!

Thank you to all of our friends that came out n real life and in spirit to support Nate and JDRF.

 We had a blast!!


Unknown said...

Your arms look AMAZING in the pic of you and the fam!!! YOU = HOT PANCREAS!!!

Love the video Laura. (((HUGS))) to you and the fam.

Awwwww Natey poo!! I wish I could've been there! Totally would've been your cheerleader.

Love u!

how awesome is this!! I am so excited you all got to do this!! WAY TOO cool!!

Lora said...

Look like a TON O FUN!!! And holy hotness Mama!!!

What a cool experience! Love that pic with the wink and thumbs up...precious!!

helen said...

Great pics and a great night for Super Nate. We had lots of fun. Especially Sam at the all you can eat food line. ;)

roselady said...

Good to see your little girl out of the hospital!

Meri said...

Your family is too cute! Love the pictures!!

Amy said...

The family photo of all of the on the field is awschumness . . . truly. You ALL are so stinkin' cute! Welcome to the DD Ambassador family!!!

Darling!!! The entire family! Way to go, Nate!!

Looks like a ton of fun! Congrats Nate and all the Houstons!

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