Tuesday, July 5, 2011

3 Years Old

It's true ----

He did it.

My baby turned 3.

When I started this blog he was 15-months old.  He had just been diagnosed with T1D and I was a freaking mess.  More on that tomorrow ---- we've come a long way, baby!

Happiest Birthday EVER for Super Nate!


Unknown said...

AWWW! Happy be-lated B-day to NATE!!! Looks like a fantastic time Laura.

Happy 3rd Birthday Nate! Love, Gianna & Alex

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Nate!!

happy Birthday Super Nate!! I hope you have the most wonderful birthday ever!!!

Happy Birthday Natey Poo!!!!!! Love u bunches and bunches!

Holly said...

Happy Birthday, Nate! What a great time to have a Cars birthday! Did he *love* Cars 2? : )

Sarah said...

I think he should be "Super GoOfY Nate!" That cutie cracks me up - Happy Birthday little dude!

Meri said...

That giggle in the first video is priceless!

Happy birthday Super Nate! What super pictures of his super day!

Anna said...

Happy Birthday, Super Nate!

Oh My Gosh! THREE?!?! And I remember when you started your blog....

What a darling boy!

I have to say, watching this bring tears to my eyes. Little boy. Smiling. Doing well. Healthy. Living with D for almost 2 years. And seeing Sweets in him... so young compared to now. And when she was 3... it was just a few weeks later she was dx'd. These little ones should NOT have to deal with this craptastic disease.

But... Beautiful, Smiling, Happy, Healthy child! What more can you ask for!?!

Happy B-Day Super Nate! You are awesome! Just like your Mama!

Misty said...

Happy Birthday to Super Nate! (even if its a little late!)

Three? Oh my gosh! He's growing up to be such a big "little man"!!

Tracy1918 said...

Oh--he looks SOOOOO happy! Love that!

Happy Birthday Nate! (sorry it's late!)

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