Wednesday, May 11, 2011

D-Blog Week - Day 3 / Pooooop!


It's late. I'm tired. I was stumped. I reached out to a couple of my D-mama friends that were online at the same time as me and we worked together to figure this one out for me. I was struggling because I couldn't really think of any D Bloopers that were funny in our lives. Usually MY bloopers consist of doing something stupid (but not at all funny) things like:

* pre-bolusing and then forgetting to make lunch - LOW
* forgetting to bolus for lunch - HIGH
* dropping the last bottle of NPH we had at 7p while home alone with all 3 kids - CRAP!
* Forgetting to give NPH at night - realizing this only after seeing a HI on the meter at midnight - Double CRAP!

See - - - not really funny. BUT . . . then I was reminded of our 1st day of pumping with the OmniPod and it was sort of funny. The post was Pumping, Good Grief and Hope --- it was a good day.  Our 1st day pumping with OmniPod but then all hell broke loose . . . here is the excerpt:

Good Grief . . .
I decided to place Nate's pod on his bum and cover it with IV3000.  Unfortunately, the major blow out that he had after dinner required a bio-hazard suit and a site change! Good Grief!  So, lesson learned - - - Wait for bum sites until after potty training or invest in a lot more IV3000.  After the blow out I moved the pod to his arm and he is doing quite well with it there.

Getting ready to place 1st OmniPod EVER.  GO ME!

We quickly learned where exactly to place the pod to avoid a messy site change and anyone that reads HWHAP knows I am not shy about posting Nate's cute rump all over this blog!  Hey - it's for educational purposes.  He will hate me one day for it but there are probably a million other things he will hate me for too - right??

My Picnik version of the smaller OmniPod.  Nice!

Enjoy the cute buns . . .and always remember to place bum sites higher rather than lower!


Penny said...

Hee hee hee - LOVE the bum shots and won't the Pod be even cooler when it comes out smaller - we cannot wait!!!
Great advice on the higher than lower hon!

Ah, memories. Those buns have been shown over and over and over again, we're so used to it! It's almost weird to see Nate with clothes on! Heehee!

Nicole said...

lol, love the bun pics :) Kirstin walked over and laughed when she saw that pic of Nate :) She must be thinking what in the lord is my mother reading now??

Unknown said...

I love his CUTE PATOOT!!! heart breaks a bit seeing him so young there with the "equipment". xoxo

Jen said...

I totally remember that post. In fact, I think about it frequently since Addison is still in diapers (yeah, yeah I know..) and his poops are getting bigger and bigger and it is nothing short of a miracle that his sites have not been contaminated!!!!!

That tushie is a good way! ;)

I'm having blow out flashbacks now...and I'm laughing! :)

Meri said...

The bum sites were a hard lesson learned! I hope your PSA helps other families not have to go through the "blow out" senario like we did! hehe! :)


Those buns always make me smile!

Andrea said...

I want to reach through the monitor and PINCH!!!! ;D

Lora said...

I just went from Reynas tampons to your poop and bum!!! NICE!!

The d-moms are amazing.
This made me laugh out loud... It's almost weird to see Nate with clothes on!
Cuz - I thought the same thing the other day when I was reading some of your recent posts.

Kris said...

LOL! That was too funny!

And he has the cutest little tushie ever! :)

Michelle said...

Oh wow! We fortunately didn't have to deal with blow-outs and pump sites...I can imagine that was a disaster! I think he should win "Best buns in the DOC"...they are definitely pinch-worthy...too cute :)

I feel repetitive. I love Nate. And his mama. <3

those cheeks!! Lol

Sarah said...

awww....he's so cute, well his little booty is so cute!
Not sure if I ever told you how helpful your pics and videos have been for Isaac, he's seen them all and it's shown him that there are other little dudes out there getting pokes, too. So, thanks a million for your posts like these :)

Karen G said...

Eeeewwwww!!! LOL, but the cute bum picture totally made up for the poopy pod story. ;)

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