Friday, May 13, 2011

D-Blog Week - Day 5 / Despite Diabetes


The topic is wonderful today --- things I've done despite diabetes.  I can't wait to read all of the wonderful posts - I'm inspired just thinking about it.  However, Nate is 2 --- he's been dx about a year and a half and although I know he is going to do some completely awesome things in his lifetime --- he hasn't done anything that spectacular just yet.  Don't get me wrong - I already think he is an amazing little boy!  I've said it a million times --- he does NOT let having diabetes slow him down.  EVER! 

Here are few things I thought of while I was waiting for Blogger to come back up:

* In August of last year, Nate was on the jumbotron in NYC because the Diabetes Dude was there flocking the Today show and showing NYC people with diabetes ROCK!

* Nate will turn 3 in June and then start pre-school in August.  Ummm - yea, I'm scared shitless but he's already SUPER excited to go to school just like Emma and Sophie!

* Nate has a special project that we are working on with the Diabetes Dude in July -- I can't wait to post the details!  Exciting!!  Nate's going to be throwing out the 1st pitch at a Rough Riders game in Frisco - - - details to come!

* And really the most important thing is something I've done despite diabetes ---- or maybe because of diabetes - I'VE MADE SOME REALLY FANTASTIC FRIENDS.  Some I've met in real life (IRL) and some I've never met because they live all over the United States and really all over the world.  It's wonderful to know so many people that know what I mean when I say ---- SAME!


The DL said...

WOW!!! How cool is that?!?!?! I bet he sure felt famous ;-)

D mama friends rock! The power of "same" is tremendous. :)

You have some super exciting things coming up. Can't wait to hear all about them!

D mamas...I need a whole post for you gals!! Love ya!

And I love seeing my bf on the jumbotron!

Unknown said...

Yeah...the Jumbotron Thingy + NATE = AWESOMENESS! Wo HOOO...and he is going to do and be many, many, many awesome things despite "D" and b/c of "D". xoxo

Looking forward to all of the awesomeness Nate will do...and reading all about it!
He's so stinkin cute!!!

Jen said...

I LOVE seeing the photo of Nate's photo in NYC..def. AWESOME! And glad to know you Laura!

colleen said...

Nate and his family are amazing. Especially those big sisters. Big sisters are awesome. I should know, I was one (well, I stll am).

Michelle said...

Love seeing Nate on the Jumbotron!!!! I'm sure that he'll grow up to do some incredible, awesome things!!!! And I feel the SAME about making awesome friends through the DOC :)

Unknown said...




Can't wait to hear all the stuff that's coming up next :)

Anonymous said...

That is so cool :-) Congratulations, on all accounts.

Sara said...

I want to be on the Jumbotron!

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