Monday, May 16, 2011

D-Blog Week - Day 7 / What the DOC has taught me!

And thanks to Mike over at What Some Would Call Lies . . . here is an awesome Thank You video for Karen at Bitter~Sweet without whom D-Blog Week would not be possible!

Our thank you to Karen:


Jules said...

they are certainly cute a massive fan of the stripey leggings i think my daughter would LOVE them!

Amen!!! Geez could they be any cuter! For my bday can you ship me Nate? 6.15 kthx.

Nicole said...

that is FOR SURE!!! :)

Unknown said...

Love the large striped, multi-colored leggings too. Great Thank You pic Laura. too...EVERYTHING!

Amy said...

I neeeeeeeeed those stripey pants!! Of course, the horizontal stripes may not be as flattering on me as on sweet Sophie ;). Why are all the super cute clothes designed for kids???

I agree 1000000% about the DOC and the boatload of information they provide. That and all the really super cool people ;)

How did Sophie's walk go?

The DL said...

This is sooo cute!!!!!

k2 said...


Sarah said...

Your kiddos are so beautiful.
And I agree we've learned so much from the DOC here, too.

Anna said...

thanks to you for the "rage basal". 50% increase for 1/2 hr, 1 hr before breakfast! it works so awesome for us. I've started calling it the "basal blast".

Holly said...

Precious kids, and you are right!! AWesome blog week! : )

ps-I want some stripey leggings-those are adorable!! : ) Holly

Karen G said...

Thank you so much for being a part of the vidoe - I loved seeing your kids in there!! :)

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