Monday, May 9, 2011

D-Blog Week - Day 1 / Admiration


Shout out to Karen for our 2nd Annual Diabetes Blog Week - - - - Thank you for putting it together and than you for the wonderful topics this year!! 

This one is easy for me - probably not too original but I'm going for easy on day 1.  We have a long week ahead of D-blogging, not to mention I am way behind on my good things each day and I still need to post about the great book that I am STILL reading . . .  Not Dead Yet by Phil Southerland.

Speaking of Not Dead Yet - - - I love that title so much!  When Phil was diagnosed at 7-months his mom was pretty much told that diabetes was a death sentence.  Oh my - how far we have come.  Although I am often overwhelmed by Nate's diagnosis & all that I put into his everyday care, in my heart of hearts - soul of souls I know Nate is going to be just fine.  Have you met him?  The boy does not let ANYTHING stop him or slow him down.  Ok - if you haven't met him I'm sure by now you've seen plenty of pictures of my crazy son.  There is truly no stopping the boy.

Reading this book and the blogs of PWD has given me hope for Nate's future, understanding of the challenges we will face (as a family and the challenges he will face on his own), and the knowledge that there is nothing that Nate cannot do (ok, maybe a few things but by the time he's old enough he may just be able to do those things too).

I look up to those PWD (although most of the PWD that I know from the D-OC are much younger than I am) that are brave and courageous enough to put themselves out there and tell their stories.  I don't know if you will ever know how much you opening up your lives has meant to me and other D-Rents (D-Moms, D-Mamas, D-Dads, T3s,  MODs, DODs, whatever you want to call us).  I hope that you all know that we are reading your words, we are feeling your pains, rejoicing in your successes and cheering you on in your journey.  Thank you for sharing your ups and downs - I hope that as a parent of a type 1 son I can also make you proud by raising another brave and courageous PWD that I hope someday will share his story to help others as you have helped me.

Thank you again for all that you do -----

Love, Laura and Nate



All these posts are making me cry!! I dont know ima get thru em all.

Beautiiful post. I was nodding in agreement the whole time. Looooove pic of you and Natey poo!!!

Love u guys!

The DL said...

Beautiful! Thank you! Your story touches me in so many ways. D moms are the best!

Lora said...

you look so cute in your hat :)

I think most of us are on the same page with the PWD's. It is inspiring to know they are happy, healthy and just living.

Can you imagine??? in 15 yrs... that could be our kiddos. Lifting eachother up. Eating cupcakes together etc..

Dana said...

Laura, You are a fabulous D momma :) Sometimes i wonder WHY God choose me~ because I have a hard time living the D life with GRACE! BUT I watch & listen to you and you inspire me daily! XOXOXOXO
thanks again~ for a wonderful touching post! I think the lesson God is trying to teach all things "REMAIN CALM!" still a work in progress :)

Jen said...

I am tearing up over here! I love the photo of you and Nate..pure happiness!

Unknown said...

I really do like you in that hat! I think you could join me for a duo on the Karaoke circuit. I have another song I have been writing. :) too. Love me the PWDs...their perspective and insight are beacons of wisdom.

Angela said...

This is the 1st time I've visited your site & it's beautiful!It is so awesome all the resources that parents like you are creating for your CWD.Much Joy to you & your son :)

Amen, sis! Love the hat! And love Nate's cute blue shirt! :)

Most of all, love your heart!!

Vivian said...

Could not have been said better. Love it.

Yep, so appreciative of the PWDs!

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