Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday!

1st for the laugh . . .

How Pumpkin Pies Are Made!!!

Now for my Thankful Thursday post . . .

I am thankful today for the wonderful surprise that I received in the mail.  Yesterday my husband called from DC (where he has been since Saturday) to tell me he would not be home until Thanksgiving.  Boo!  Since I was a little flustered from being here with the 3 little ones for several days on my own and getting the bad news from Jim I just threw the mail on the counter for later review.  So, this morning I noticed a little box in the mail stack (Oh, how I love little boxes!) so I tore into it and to my delight discovered a fabulous necklace from my fabulous new friend, Nicole.  It totally made my morning and for that I am thankful! 
My daughter, Emma took the picture with my phone.  Quite lovely - eh?

I am also thankful today for my wonderful mom, Cheryl Ann DeJulius.  Without her love and support I would not be the woman and mother I am today.  I believe that there is no way to know how much a mother loves until you become a mom yourself.  I have always known that my mom loves me without a doubt but once I became a mom I realized how much she sacrificed for me, loved me, protected me and endured from me. I see her now hurt for me as I am hurting for my son and I realize now that you NEVER stop being a mom. It is a gift you are given and you keep for the rest of your life. My mom is the wing beneath my wings, she is my hero, she is the mother that I hope to be to my own children.  Thank you, Mom for being my mom and for all that you do for me and my family.  I love you and am so thankful for you everyday!!


Cdejulius said...

I think you hit the nail on the head, Laura Leigh . . .Mom's NEVER EVER stop mothering their children . . .they hurt when you hurt, they laugh when you laugh . . .they love you unconditionally . . .Thank you for your precious words . . .I hardly feel worthy . . .I love you and am so proud of you . . .facing this disease with your boxing gloves on . . .

Nicole said...

I'm so glad that you liked the necklace! I just wished that it made it to everyone on WDD. ENJOY:) and I love your new header your blog looks great.

Meri said...

That picture is DA BOMB!!! I have never seen anything like it!

And Nicole is a peach. I never expected anything so thoughtful. Love her!

Wendy said...

That was a beautiful post :)

Mothers make the world go 'round!

phonelady said...

God created mothers because he could not be everywhere at once . I think god did a pretty good job huh ? we are awesome .

Nicole said...

lol Meri in high school my nick name was peaches your post just reminded me of funny!lol

Oh I love this post. It is amazing how, especially as a wild, crazy teenager, you don't realize how much your mom does care and love you. You are wonderful!! You guys are doing a great job! HUGS!! I wish I lived closer so I could give you a real hug! Thanks for the laugh too...that pic is great!

Megann said...

Moms are the best. What a great tribute to write for your mom.
I love those necklaces. I missed that boat, but maybe I can get one for next year.

alix said...

Beautiful post.... What a fabulous smile you have,it says a lot about you. Your children are blessed to have you as their mommy.
Your posts have been so inspiring to me...

Gotta love the necklace!

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