Thursday, November 12, 2009

Oh - Happy Day!

Today Nate and I went to Grapevine to meet our blog friends, Joanne and Elise.  Nate and Elise had a great time playing at the rec center and Jo and I had a great time just sitting and getting to chat.  I cannot express how wonderful it was to get to hang out with a fellow D mom who knows and understands exactly what I am going through.

We went to lunch at Chick-fil-a and Jo showed me how she manages Elise's diabetes in an over-the-top, control-freaky, anal-retentive way.  Just kidding!  She was great!  She showed me how to weigh Nate's food and figure out the carb factor which is actually quite useful at this age.  While Jo and I will probably will end up doing things a little different from one another we promised not to judge each other and always help and support one another.  I think this is the beginning of a wonderful friendship for both me and for Nate.  He seemed pretty crazy about Elise!!  :-)

Here are some pics that Jo snapped today at the rec center . . . 

This is actually a hug not a strangulation

Nate was fascinated by Elise's hair

I love this one - holding hands already!


I also have to give a shout out to Jo's awesome husband, Fred.  He met us for lunch and is just as amazing as Jo and Elise.  Nate was crazy about him too!!

Thank you Joanne, Fred and Elise for an amazingly happy day!!


Fred said...

Aw, thanks! It was great meeting you too! I'm really glad you two finally got together :^)

Wendy said...

WOOHOO!!!!! That's so awesome :) YIPPEE FOR NEW FRIENDS...gotta love it!!!

Joanne said...

We had so much fun... I'm glad we finally got to hang out. I see much more hanging out in our future.

I'm glad you weren't too scared of my weighing every single carb craziness!

Can't wait to break out the shirts this Saturday!

Meri said...

Wait! Joanne brings her scale to Chick Fil A?! Joanne...I love you! You are a freak...and that just makes me like you more!

I gave Joanne some heck because it kinda does look like Elise is strangling Nate...but seriously...Nate totally looks like he's pulling her it's all good. :)

YeaH!! that is really cool to have some one there who can relate!! No matter how many people you tell, unless they do it everyday they will never understand!!

I haven't ever really thought of weighing the food, I will have to look into that. We measure things by the size, and then the size of our fist. Cool, how peeps do things all different.!

Amy said...

Oh...I'm so glad you two got together and were able to hang out!!! Jealous, actually! :) Love the pics of those two beautiful babes!!!

That is great!! They are adorable!!! D-moms are so great and helpful!

Joanne said...

Meri - I bring Elise's scale EVERYWHERE! I am such a freak that I weigh everything she eats (well, everything with a carb).

Plus, Elise is learning fromt he best when it comes to dealing with boys... how do you think I snared a great guy like Fred? We don't call that strangling, we call that an "extreme hug".

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