Sunday, November 22, 2009

Diabetes or Temper Tantrum?

I thought for sure tonight that Nate has to be seriously low or even seriously high - - -

Turns out he was a perfect 141.  Seriously?  I think he is getting so spoiled because I blame everything on the D and let him get away with too much. I don't want to raise a brat but it is so hard to know what is going on at this age?!?!  I swear my girls are so well behaved - it was so easy to discipline them.  There were no underlying factors to blame the behavior on.  What's a mom to do with a baby going through this tough age with this stupid disease!!???

Help me, PLEASE!


It's tough. Avery's behavior before dx was terrible. She had a few legendary fits. Now I feel awful because it is so clear now that it was high bg. I have said a few time, "We are checking your bg and if you're not low or high, you're in trouble!". I wish there was an easy answer to all this! Hang in there, Momma! You'll figure it out!

Megann said...

Ah man! I'm sorry. My mom said girls are easier to discipline than boys. Since I only have girls, I'll just have to believe her.

With Lainey, it was just taking time during the tantrum to rule out diabetes. When that was done, and she was nornal, then she'd go to time out.

It'll get better. You're a great mom!

Meri said...

Don't we all feel this way sometimes? I know it is so hard to tell...and I have always struggled with this. Is it them, or are they reacting to a swing in blood sugars? A fine line for sure. But one thing I do know. Two year old boys are way different than 2 year old girls. You are doing the right thing. Check him. Be firm. And understand that things are not very easy right now for him, and sometimes it's just the last straw and he has to lose it.

I know it was bad that he hit you...but how can you be upset at that face? He is so flippin cute! (I know...I'm flip flopping! He's too cute...but stay firm :)

Tracy said...

This is exactly why my toddler has always gotten tested so many times during the day! If he is throwing a fit, I usually put him in timeout and then go get the meter to make sure his BG is ok.

Now that he is almost 3 and we have been at this for 1 1/2 years (almost) I can usually tell if he is high, low, or just being a stinker. :)

In time, you will be able to figure it out, at least most of the time.

Amy said...

Oh this is so TOUGH! It's been easier as Jada has gotten older, because I just know her patterns so much better. She was diagnosed just before she turned 3 and has always had a strong will, but she REALLY threw some tantrums previous to diagnosis. After her diagnosis, they were fewer and far between. For the longest time, I couldn't tell if she was high, low or just being 3. I always tested her, then disciplined. Which sucks, because toddlers so often need immediate discipline! It is easier hang in won't always be this hard!!!

Meri's right...he is SO stinkin cute!

phonelady said...

I think it is easier as they get older .I would usually tell mine if you dont calm down you will be in time out regardless of the d maybe sometimes they just have to sit down and then after they sit down I check their bgs and if it is nothing I usually would increase the time out time . I hope this helps .

Lora said...

This is a tough one because of his age, but it will get easier. I have learned to look at Justin and figure it out (usually). Justin tends to get flushed when he's low and there is a difference in his tone and the behavior.
He is also older so I can tell him "I absolutely do not like the way your acting... you need to go check your blood and you better be low".
That is my way of showing disaproval without him being "punished" until I know for sure.

Your doing great... you will find the balnce that works for you so hang in there :)

Nicole said...

I so know what you are talking about. I go through this all the time with Cara. I never know what is causing the bad behavior is it the D monster or is it Cara taking advantage!? This is such a hard spot to be in, you want to discipline so they know that this kind of behaviour is not acceptable but then if they are high or low is it really their fault? Since Cara has been dx we have seen such a change in her behaviour and now her little sister Kirstin see's Cara tantrums and thinks she can act out like Cara. I too have never had such a badly behaved child. We are disciplining with timeouts and really just taking her out of the situation until she calms down and of course checking her BG to see if it is her or the D. I'm also trying to reward her when she is nice to her siblings and behaving great. That seems to help a little....I think?? Good luck!

Jen said...

Don't worry about spoiling Nate Laura. He is still a little guy and it is so hard not only because of his age but because it is so new to you. I went through the same thing with Addison after he was first diagnosed and it scared the crap out of me every time he got upset. There is NOTHING worse then trying to poke the finger of your child in the midst of a tantrum, trying to get them to stay still and not fight the finger prick while you are are worrying like crazy about a low. As time goes on, it will get a little easier to determine tantrum or diabetes without a finger check but there are times still when it just isn't clear. It is because of those tough early days that I check Addison every couple of hours to keep myself from worrying all the time. Hang in there friend! The beginning is so bumpy but it will smooth out a little more as time goes on...

We go through that too!! Is Syd acting like this because of BS issues or because she is just a kid?!?! It is hard!! One time I was putting her in timeout for throwing a fit and my friend said, "do you think you should check her sugar?" I didn't want to because I want her to be responsible for her actions even if she is high. Well, she was in the 300s and I felt bad. I just wish I knew how she felt when she was that high so I know what is reasonable to expect.

Soozi said...

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was 3 - if your kid is older than 4, expect these temper tantrums to be blood sugar related. I had bad fits well until I was about 8 or 9. blood sugar does more than affect your body, it affects your very thoughts and emotions. i had emotional issues for years because I could never trust if I was fully in control of my emotions and second guessed each of my emotions. "Am I really sad or am I just low?" "Should I be angry at this or is it a high talking?" Even if the tantrum was directly related to blood sugar, he probably feels an extreme lack of control, which if you had no control over your emotions, you would want to wail for awhile too. Just be patient, try to make him understand its important to check his bloodsugar when he feels funny. Wish you the best of luck.

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