Monday, November 9, 2009

D Blog Day

A friend sent me this card to cheer me up -
It made me laugh so I thought I would share the laughter . . .

And this is always one of my personal favorites . . .

And let's not forget the reason I am here . . .

Have a great D Blog Day!!


Meri said...

Thanks for the laugh...and ya, Nate is too cute for his own good. I bet he gets away with EVERYTHING! How could you ever say no to those big gorgeous eyes! He is to die for!

ROFLMAO!!! That is HILARIOUS!! Love it! And Nate is super sweet! I wanna squeeze his cheeks!

Cheryl said...

I ordered a large photo of Nate in his new super hero jammies! Am glad you are feeling better about you . . .enjoyed our time together today . . .not often its just the two of us anymore! "Poppa" and I love you . . .Glad you have some levity going on!!

Lora said...

#3- "super" cute
but I will take a #2 PLEASE.

Wendy said...

I'd like a GRANDE of #2 ... with a (gluten free) PB & J on the side...and some EXTRA of that super cute little guy!

Amy said...

Loved it...made me laugh....LOVE the pics of Nate!!!

phonelady said...

Oh laura too funny . You and Nate are awesome and he is such a cutie .

Nicole said...

Those cards are great,that is just what I needed today! and Nate is adorable...too cute!

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