Friday, May 20, 2011

I wont lie --- it felt good

Last week was Nate's endo appointment - - our 2nd one since going back to Children's.  I am amazed at how much I love going to the Legacy campus.  The employees are so nice and it's so close and the people are so nice - wait did I say that already?  They really are very nice!

Nate rocked the appointment again this visit.  He did everything asked of him and not a single tear shed.  He's just getting so stinkin' big!

The doctor came in and asked me if the nurse had given us the a1c results ---
Ummm - - - No.  I wasn't really nervous.  I had looked at our average on the PDM and had a general idea of what it should be this time around.  I knew we would be down from February's 7.9.

The shocking news ----- 6.6.

Say what??

I waited for the lecture.

Even I thought that was too low for Nate.

But deep down I was so damn happy.  I won't lie - I like 6.6. I feels good.

No lecture came.  They know me there - they know I check, check and check Nate all of the time.  I had called in March to report that we were having some serious lows so we discussed those a bit but we hadn't had them since March so it really wasn't as issue ----remember back in March - I thought I cured Nate--- yea, turns out I didn't.

What we have had is low tide . . . smooth sailing . . . the calm before the storm.

Do you remember Wendy's post? Waves?  Yea, she knows what I'm talking about.  So does Heather from Sweet to the Soul she writes about how diabetes can change in the blink of an eye. No rhyme -- no reason.  That is what's happening here.  All the pretty numbers ---- where are they going?  It starts slowly - - - a random high here or a random high there and then good hell the after breakfast spike --- I saw it yesterday but not today.  Same breakfast. Exactly. Ugh!

It has gone from this . . .

back to this . . .

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . . Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
Ok - not really - - - - I think that was a sick day or something but that picture gives me nightmares!

In all seriousness I have started seeing some highs where we just haven't seen them before and yesterday was day 3 so I upped his basal during the troubled time.  Great - no problem, hopefully today we will see if that worked but I know he is entering into another growth spurt --- the eating, oh the eating . . . the boy cannot get enough to eat.  More insulin is ok - I know it's ok but it's a little bitter~sweet he's getting so big and it feels like 'big boy' basals.  Does that even make sense?  We've gone from 0.05 to 0.25 in just over a year.

I hate to use the word hate but I really hate, hate, hate highs.  So, 0.25 it is from now on.  Just praying that D doesn't get too crazy.  I just can't handle any cRaZy right now.

Dear Nate, Please stop growing.  You are my baby!  Love, Mom

Dear Diabetes, Suck it.  Love, Nate's Mom


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Oh no, no, no. Nate - keep growing my little man. ;)

I am so happy for you and that 6.6! Wahooo! Congrats!

One day at a time. You got this!

Meri said...

Dear Laura, you are rockin' it! Love, Meri

Wow! I've heard those numbers existed (the A1C, I totally have proof of nasty, sneaky highs!!) but to actually see them!! WOW!!
Sure, maybe a bit too low, but like you said, you were dealing with lots of lows to make it low...low, low, low. ;)
I read about some of the doses that older kids and PsWD use and I'm like 'oh, no! that's a ton of insulin!!' but I know that someday Bean's doses will be up there, but I'm in NO hurry!!

Just want to say you're an awesome mama pancreas! :)

Haley said...

hahaha if thats what you call a big boy basal than i must have the mother of all basals.
right most of my day my basal rate is 1.5!!
puberty hits diabetes in the gut like a cannon, soo not fun.

btw- totally have matching A1c's!!!

The DL said...

Wow that last one was insane! 6.6 really is amazing. It just shows hard work pays off. I know lows are scary, but you are doing a fabulous job!

Amy said...

You are on f-i-r-e today, my friend! Lots of FaceBook updates and now this super-duper upbeat and freakin' funny post. Glas to hear your 'smile' through the writings.

::bowing to your mad pancreatic skillz::

Greetings! Lo (This is Caleb) sent me your way. I read Nate's story, and I swear we lived the exact same experience. Awesome job above! I hope to get my son's figured out...sooner rather than later. =)

Stephanie said...

Damn straight you should feel good! That is awesome. :)

Unknown said...

Holy crap...sadly, the "wavey" graph trend line on the bottom looks good to me too! And, I would be psyched on the 6.6 too. xoxo

You are an amazing Mama Pancreas!

Penny said...

Yahoo on the 6.6 and you are one fantastic Mama Laura! Nate is growing up, you should be so very proud of him. Keep on keeping on my dear!

Michelle said...

WooHoo on the 6.6...that's awesome! It's never easy...and especially not when they are so young and going through those growth spurts...but you are SO ROCKIN' IT!!!!

Tracy said...

AWESOME A1C! Great job Mama!

Holy Guacamole! That is awesome! Be proud, Mama! I'm green with envy. Our dex pics usually look like the not so good one! So so happy for you and the big boy!! Glad you are so happy there!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Diabetes suck it! Good job on the A1C may consistency continue to follow you and Nate where ever you go! Loves!

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