Thursday, March 3, 2011

Andrea . . . You are the lucky winner!!

Thanks everyone for playing along with us!
We enjoyed all of the comments and checking out everyone's test strip guesses.

1394 was the closest guess to the actual total number of test strips in the jar so Andrea wins some of our new Spring Pod Magnets.

Ok, Ok - I know it's not like winning the Publisher's Clearing House or anything but we hope you enjoy them!!

Andrea's son, Cale had a terrible allergic reaction to the OmniPod adhesive and is no longer able to pump with the pod.  When Andrea found out about our family losing our health insurance they reached out and offered all of Cale's unused pods to Nate.  It was an amazing - AMAZING - thing to do.  We will be forever grateful to Andrea and her sweet family for sending us Cale's pods.  No amount of ornapods or pod magnets will ever be enough to thank you, Andrea and family!! 

Here are the pics I took while counting . . .

I counted out the 1,300 and then had a few left in the jar (less than 100) so I waited until Monday night before posting to count the last strips.  So, the total number of test strips in the jar was 1,382!

It seems like there should be more but looking back over Nate's PDM we've cut back on testing since we've had DexCom.  We still test anywhere between 7 - 10 times per day but there are some days that we test less and sadly some days where we test more!  Oh and don't forget not every test strip can make it into the jar.  Just this afternoon I found one in Nate's bed and another in one of my shoes.  Huh?  Seriously, they turn up everywhere!!

Andrea, shoot me an email with your address and I'll ship your prize ASAP.  :)


Jill said...

Congrats Andrea!!! :) What a wonderful netowrk of friends we have on here! I just LOVE all of our D-Mommas!!

And Laura....thats ALOT of strips! Breaks my heart when we physically see how many times those little fingers have to be stuck :(


Donna said...

Wow!!! I can't believe I was only 30 off and STILL didnt win! HAHA.. That was one close contest!
Congratulations Andrea! :)

Congrats to Andrea!

Your pics look really cool!

:) Tracie said...

Go Anza! And on her sons b-day too!! :)

(she probably sat down and literally tried to calculate the amount of strips!)
**I can dog on her, she's my cousin** :)

Meri said...

Woo Hoo Andrea! Congrats!

Andrea said...

Woo Hoo!!! So exciting!! I never win anything!! I am so going out to buy a lottery ticket this weekend! And, yes Tracie, I did actually use a calculator to come up with my number!! Jealous much?!!

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