Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Treading Water

Today I read the guest post on Six Until Me and thought about how it applied to my life as the mom of a child with diabetes (CWD).  1st - let me say it is a wonderful post and if you haven't read it yet - Stop! Go. Read. It. The guest blogger is Amy Free a lifestyle/editorial photographer and a Type 1 diabetic.

I have read a lot about teens and adults needing to take a break from their diabetes. I have even read that some doctors encourage it for a short time.  Diabetes is a hard disease that requires a lot of work with little reward.  I guess the reward would be good health and a good A1c but most people without diabetes don't have to work as hard for those things.  As a mom of a CWD, a baby really (ok, ok - I know he's almost 2 but he's still my baby) there is no break, no vacation, no day off from diabetes.  It is my job every. single. day. to keep my son alive.  Although I am happy to do my job because let's face it the alternative is something that I cannot even think about it - - - it is still exhausting.

We are only 7 months into our journey with diabetes and it seems like it has been a lifetime. I have met so many great parents along the way that have lifted me up and offered support but I think about these parents that have been doing the D dance for a year, 2 years, 5 years and even 10 years.  How have they survived without a break?  I'm 7 months in and feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and still very sad about Nate's diagnosis.  Don't get me wrong - - - things have gotten SO much easier and SO much better but it is still feels like I am treading water.  I guess that is better than the drowning feeling that I was feeling 7 months ago!!

Here is a portion of the last paragraph from Amy's post -

I have accepted that diabetes is a part of my day... all day, every day. It’s not something that I can just take a break from or ignore without serious long term consequences. Sure there are ups and downs, highs and lows along the way, but I’m learning accepting and learning from those things is a part of the healthy management process. The learning curve is a steep one, but I’m on the climb and I love to connect with others who are in their own various stages of the process.

I love that!   It's great the way that people going through similar experiences think so much the same way.  This IS part of my life.  I cannot take a break or ignore it but I am accepting it and working on becoming okay with it.  I'm not quite there but I am working on it.

  I do it for Nate the Monkey!!
My all BOY little boy!


Cdejulius said...

I love your post and Amy's post . . .as your Mom, I see more calmness in your day to day handling of Nate's disease . . .the post made me smile and the picture made me laugh out loud . . .he is truly a BOY boy!!

alix said...

Great post Laura and Amy :)

There is no break, no vacation, but the rewards of doing our best is well, priceless. The gift of health is what we want most for our kids...
Nate IS a big boy now..all boy as I can see..
You are such a great role-model

Anonymous said...

Nice post.

And what a great pic of Nate1!

Meri said...

For sure sometimes I am still treading water, and other times I am floating leisurely on my back enjoying the sun. I guess it just depends on the tide that day. Right now I'm navigating high tide...but when it's calm and sunny...life is good. Really good.

Love ya friend!
(And thank you...thank you so much for the Pooooooooop. It made me laugh out loud, and I REALLY needed it!)

phonelady said...

great post and so true and yes as a mom of a type 1 it is never easy . Love the pic of Nate the monkey boy . he is so cute .

Donna said...

GREAT post! Wow... Both you and Amy really said it PERFECTLY! Thanks Laura! I am treading water right along side you, friend... the water isn't always great, but the company we share in this particular ocean is fabulous! ;o)
LOVE the picture of Nate!

Joanne said...

Well said. There really is an ebb and flow to this disease, isn't there?

Love your post hun. And love you! DNQ!!! I love the message. You rock!

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