Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Review MeMe

After reading DiabetesMine, Six Until Me and The Superhero and the Princess I thought I would join in on the Year End Review MeMe.  Me being me I am throwing a few pictures in the mix (as if you haven't had to endure enough already!). 

So here are first lines of one blog post from each month —
Should be interesting -
Here we go . . .

January - I am so frustrated I could scream!  No matter how hard we try, no matter what we do we just cannot seem to get Nate into those 'middle' numbers.

 February - Yesterday my mom, Helen and I took Nate to Children's Hospital to attend an insulin pump training class called Pump It Up.

March - Well, we did it.  Nate is now officially on the OmniPod Insulin pump. Yea Nate!

April - We finally found the best spot for Nate's pod.  We like his arm, we love his thigh but have always struggled with his bum because of his diapers and his tendency to poop in them.

May - After a great Diabetes Blog Week I need a blogcation!

June - Sophie had her follow-up appointment with her GI on Thursday.  After reviewing the biopsy results unfortunately we are not really any closer to knowing whether she has Crohn's or Ulcerative Colitis (UC).

July - Nate's alkaline phosphatase results came back much lower today and all of the other results were completely normal. It looks like we have a case of Benign Transient Hyperphosphatasemia which really means that his alkaline phosphatase was elevated for no good reason but should go down and cause absolutely no problem whatsoever.

August - No complaints. No worries.  Just a happy little boy.  Nathan James Houston is my
hero . . .  Go Team Super Nate.

September - Team Super Nate has raised over $12,000 to date and we are still collecting donations! We have more than doubled our goal and just writing that makes me cry --- now I know you think I cry all of the time but I swear I don't!  We've just gone through Nate's 1-year with D anniversary and 1 week later the overwhelming support from my friends and family for the walk has stirred up a lot of emotion!!

October - The very lovely and very foul-mouthed (2 things that I absolutely love about her) Reyna over at Beta Buddies started the Naked Pancreas Challenge.  Here are my Naked Answers!!

November - We spent 5 days in Key West, Florida . . . it was our 1st trip with diabetes and it was wonderful.
December - Last weekend we decided to make Christmas ornaments from Nate's old pods instead of sending them in for recycling.  We planned on decorating maybe 5 each but before I knew it we were having so much fun we had decorated almost all of them.  I haven't counted them all but I am guessing there's are close to 100 decorated pods in my house right now.



That first picture always makes me cry. Ive so enjoyed getting to know your family and I look forward to the new year and I know good things are coming for both of us! Love u girl!!

Leigh said...

Love the re-cap! I am telling ya... We are like name twins! Aiden's middle name is James!! ;) Happy New Year!!

Unknown said...

WHEW! GIRL you have had QUITE A YEAR!

And I'm so happy to have shared every post of it :)

Happy 2011, my friend. Great things are headed down the pike!

It really has been quite a year! The best part? You made it thru! You are stronger. You are incredible! Love to you, Sweet Laura, and rest of the Houston Clan!

Unknown said...

I love the way you did this. I may have to follow suit...

I don't know what I would have done without you and the gals this year. In 2009 I didn't even know a "DOC" existed. Now I live in here part time with you guys! LOL. (((HUGS))) and Happy New Years to you and yours Laura.

Penny said...

Truly wonderful - a great year of blogging Laura! LOVE that little butt!

Pam said...

Happy New Year, Laura! It's been a blessing getting to know you through your blog.

connie said...

Happy New Year!!! Laura, you are a blessing to the DOC and I am so thankful to have found you and all of the other amazing D-mamas who have enriched my life and given me such support and love! May 2011 be full of blessings for you and your family :)

Amy said...

Those buns make me want another baby!!!!! So not in the plan for us, but thanks for the picture!

Can't wait to hear all about Super Nate in the year to come.

Happy New Years, Laura!!!!!

Shannon said...

Oh, my goodness. The picture of your little guy's bottom and his Omnipod really shocked me. I mean my family really has it easy with our son being diagnosed at 13. I almost feel blessed. If anyone sees that picture and doesn't have complete compassion for him, they have a heart of stone. Also, when I saw your comment on your daughter's G.I. problems, I was surprised as well. My husband was recently diagnosed with Crohns disease. His mother had M.S. I guess it is all related

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