Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

We did it.  It's done. Over. Finished. 
And here is what it looked like for the Houston Family:

12/4/10 - Brunch with Santa


12/18/10 - Williams Family Christmas Party

Me, Jeff and Nate

Me and Dad

 I chose the 2 pictures above to represent the Williams Family Christmas for 2 reasons -

1) My cousin Jeff and I grew up together. We were super close and I love him like a brother.  Before he was dx with Alopecia Universalis he and Nate looked A LOT alike.  Jeff lost all of his hair around age 2 or 3 - I honestly do not remember because I don't remember him ever having hair.  He had beautiful blond hair just like Nate -- I've seen the pictures and they really do look a lot alike.

When Nate was 1st dx I really thought the autoimmune genes came from Jim's family --- not that I blamed anybody I just needed to find an answer.  Some reason why this was happening.  Anywho - this year in the Secret Santa gift exchange our family drew Ronda from Autoimmune Island and her daughter Queen Alopecia has Alopecia Universalis and her other daughter The Sugar Princess has type 1.   A light bulb went off --- Alopecia - Type 1 - Autoimmune Island.  Hey - my family has autoimmune diseases too.  I don't know why it matters - it doesn't really - it just made me think that Nate's T1 and Sophie's Crohn's comes from both of us.  Silly - I know.

2) That's my dad. No denying that - right?  I don't think I've ever posted a picture of him.  He's Type 2 and insulin dependent.  I won't discuss his D management here but he and Nate both have diabetes and Nate's dx forced me to better understand my dad's disease.  Now that I  know more about it I want to micromanage his care like I do Nate's --- unfortunately, my dad is pretty set in his ways and it is very hard to teach that old dog new tricks.  :)
I don't think he reads my blog so I can say that.  :)

12/20/10 - Holiday in the Park

This was 2 days after the Williams Family Christmas party and when I discovered that I had picked up a VICIOUS stomach bug from above mentioned party.  Oh yea - I tossed my cookies all over Six Flags of Texas and then went on to keep tossing until Thursday, the 22nd.  At least I was in good company -- my cousins, Amanda and Michael also got sick and Jeff's daughter Peyton caught it too.  Good times!  Yep - that put me a little behind. 

12/23/10 - Cookie Decorating with GaGa

Ummm - Yea - he ate a spoonful of blue sugar!

Christmas Eve Day - Nana & Grumpy


Nate loves his basketball net!

Grumpy (my dad) and Nana came over and delivered some pretty amazing gifts for the kiddos!  We had a great time celebrating but before we knew it -- it was time to depart for church.

Christmas Eve after Church

My grandmother (80-years) playing Christmas carols

The Houston Family

Sophie, Me, Mom, and Nate

Emma, Poppa, Sophie and Nate being Super Silly!

Nate loves his GaGa!!
Getting Ready for Santa

Christmas Day!!

Checking it all out.

Sophie making sure Santa's not up in the chimney.
Always There.

We are so blessed this year!  Santa had lots of help from GaGa and Poppa as well as Grandma Pat.  Our Christmas would not have been as wonderful as it was without the love and help from our dear family.

We love Christmas!

BG check and Bolus for . . .
Still ready to party!
Merry Christmas to all . . . and to all a good night!

Ok - I know this is the longest post ever!  If you are still with me - - - I thank you!

We saved our Secret Santa gift exchange gifts for the day after Christmas.  We were beyond blessed this year.  Our wonderful friends from Death of a Pancreas drew our family!! 

And our favorite gifts . . .

How awesome are these??

If there is one thing that I am thankful for when it comes to diabetes it is the love and support of the DOC.  I have been double blessed with DOC love.  Joanne and Fred from DOAP not only live near by but have become some of our closest friends and for sure our biggest supporters in this D journey.  I absolutely cannot imagine how I would have survived the past year and 3 months without Joanne and Fred.  Diabetes brought us together but our friendship goes beyond the diagnosis and I am thankful everyday that they are in our lives. 

Thank you, Fred and Joanne --- We love you!!


awwww I love it all!! Muah! ....kinda jealous I wanna live close to you tooooo lol

Denise said...

Beautiful post about your beautiful family! Warmed my heart :-)

connie said...

LOVE IT!!! The pictures are great...it looks like you truly did have a blessed Christmas :) Can I just say, those coffee cups are amazing! I love it :)

I hope that you are all recovered from the awful stomach bug that tried to ruin the party! Tossing cookies is never fun!

Hey, btw...just curious about that beautiful key that is on the plate of x-mas cookies, what is that for?

Unknown said...

Love the mugs too! And honestly, I could eat up Nates adorable thighs!!!

I am with Lexxi! I wish we lived closer to you and Jo. xoxo

Penny said...

What wonderful pictures - it looks like you all had a grand old time. I chuckled at the comments about your Dad.
Happy New Year Houston family! We think of you each time we see the OrnaPod on our tree!!!

LOVE it! Great pics! Looks like you had a wonderful holiday ( minus the puking)! Darling family!

Rachael said...

LOVE all the pics! Looks like you had an super awesome time! You deserve it too! :)

Unknown said...


Your family is absolutely gorgeous ;)

Fred and Jo are awesome blessings. So happy you guys have each other. The local D Mamas I've connected with mean SO MUCH to me...I totally get that.

A Secret Santa brought our girls that same HUGE art set -- they love it!!!! We're SO excited to see Tangled...hopefully soon :)

Thanks for sharing!

Tracy1918 said...

Great pictures! I'm glad you guys got over your sickness and had a GREAT holiday!

: )

Amy said...

Holy heck this post is filled to the brim with photos! And, each and every one of them is precious. What a wonderful Christmas it looks like you had . . . even with the sickies. ;)

The mugs are a-w-e-s-o-m-e.

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