Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Diabetes Dude and Super Nate

I know you already know that the Diabetes Dude  is doing great things for Type 1 Diabetes awareness but did you know that now Nate is helping him too?  Nate was accepted as a Jr. Ambassador to the Diabetes Dude to help educate and spread awareness about type 1.  The Diabetes Dude really wants to share the stories of other children with T1 who are living positively with their diabetes.  Please click HERE to check out the Diabetes Dude website and read the stories of some of the special children that have been selected.  Nate is in great company with some really special kiddos . . . some of them you may know . . . like super cute SweatPea from The Princess and the Pump and one of Nate's favorite buddies Kacey from Diabetes Sweeties!!

They are still accepting applications and would like to have an Ambassador from every state.  Please fill out an application online if you are interested in becoming an Ambassador or Jr. Ambassador for the Diabetes Dude.
Here is the information on the program taken from the website:

The Diabetes Dude is looking for kids to participate in his Ambassador Program
Are you a kid with type 1?  Would you like to help spread The Diabetes Dude's mission of raising awareness and support in your area for other families?  Well, The Diabetes Dude has just the thing for you!  Noah, The Diabetes Dude, has been helping to raise awareness and show support all over the country in the past year, but he's also realized he can't be everywhere at once, so, he's currently accepting applications for his new Ambassador Program. He's looking for kids to represent their state by helping him in 2011 to spread even more awareness in their own area.  They will be listed as an Ambassador under the "friends of DD" page and will have their own email address through www.thediabetesdude.com.  You must be willing to fulfill an entire year of service as an Ambassador, which will include answering emails promptly from people in your area, keeping The Diabetes Dude up to date on things going on in your area regarding diabetes, coming up with new ideas to spread awareness in your area, and spreading awareness of diabetes by representing The Diabetes Dude's mission of "I may have diabetes, but diabetes does not have me".  Other fulfillments MAY include meeting with kids with diabetes in your area, hosting get togethers, and possibly answering media inquiries from your local area.

If you'd like to be considered as a "The Diabetes Dude" Ambassador, please fill out the form below.  All applications will be accepted through December 25, 2010 (they are still taking applications).  All newly chosen Ambassadors will be notified on December 31, 2010 and their names will be released through The Diabetes Dude's FB, Twitter, website, etc.
 Some states may have more than one Ambassador. 

Also, this summer The Diabetes Dude will be visiting Diabetes Camps all over the U.S. with his new mascot The Dancing Diabetes Flamingo!!  If you are attending a diabetes camp and would like The Diabetes Dude and his Dancing Diabetes Flamingo to come for a visit send them an email at email@thediabetesdude.com.  Nate is still too young for D Camp but I certainly hope they make it to Texas so we can meet up with Noah and his amazingly awesome family!!

There is always something new and exciting going on over at TheDiabetesDude.com so check it out today and check it out often!!

Although Nate and Noah have never met they share a very special bond.  They both have diabetes, pump with the OmniPod and most importantly never let diabetes slow them down! In August of 2010 The Diabetes Dude and some of his friends flocked NYC.  It was AWESOME!  

From The DD website:

On Thursday, August 26th, The Diabetes Dude boarded a bus filled with friends with diabetes and their families.  They traveled through the night and arrived at the Today Show in New York City at 5 am.  They spent the next few hours flocking The Today Show and some of their stars and guests including Miss Universe!  They certainly drew a lot of attention, especially from people back home in Massachusetts.  After the Today Show, they continued their New York City flockings by stopping by the Toys R Us in Times Square where they were treated to a complimentary ride on the infamous indoor Ferris Wheel.  The kids all had a great time roaming the store and seeing the sights.  At 11 o'clock, they gathered in Times Square and watched the Kodak screen for a special "diabetes hour".  People from all over the country sent their pictures in to Kodak through www.aerva.com , which were then displayed on the Kodak screen during the hour.  It was hard not to become overwhelmed with emotion watching the pictures, some of people they knew, some of people they didn't, all coming together for one special event, unlike anything they've ever been a part of before.  All in all, the trip was a huge hit and one that the participants will never forget! 

Nate was actually featured on the Kodak big screen 3 times and I have to say even though I was not there the pictures that Noah sent us were emotionally overwhelming for our family.  We are so proud of Noah and all that he does to raise awareness for type 1.  I hope and pray that Nate and Noah always stay friends and that Nate is inspired by Noah's ambition and determination.  

Nate and Noah have diabetes but diabetes does not have them!

Also, check out on The Diabetes Dude site a new page for the SUPER COOL siblings of of type 1 kiddos -- SIBS R KOOL 2!! 

If you read my post about Emma and Sophie on Special Siblings of D-Kid Day then you know my 2 special girls are already featured along with some other amazing siblings of D-Kids.  So - - - what are you waiting for?  Get on over to TheDiabetesDude.com and check it all out! 


Seriously - why are you still here?



Im going Im going!! Way to go Nate!!

Leigh said...

Yay, Nate!! Congrats!! You guys need to come to camp on Arkansas! It's a family camp and I think Brian and Meg (our DD ambassadors) are trying to get Noah and his family to come. It would be so fun to get to meet you guys!! :)

Penny said...

Yeah Nate! Yeah Laura! Yeah Diabetes Dude! How awesome! And yes, I am heading over there right now!

Heather said...

I am so excited for you and Nate! We just filled out an application, so we will see how it goes.

Woo Hoo! Way to go Nate and Laura! We are proud to be Ambassadors with you!

Meri said...

I'm so proud of you and your family! Always willing to step up! Thank you for all you do!

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