Friday, October 1, 2010

A Belated Post about being FLOCKED

I know - I know - where has the time gone?!?  How is it already October?  Good Grief!  We got flocked back in AUGUST.  We have been so busy preparing for our walk and raising money I never got this post out. 

So, since Hallie and Sweetpea already posted about getting flocked by Noah, the Diabetes Dude and Nate I thought I better get my tail in gear!!

Here are some pictures of the Emma, Sophie and Nate with Dodge while he was here.

Emma & Sophie w/ Dodge

Nate with Dodge

Dodge with Nate's bubby (his lovie)

Nate giving Dodge a BIG SMOOCH!!

Getting ready for night night!

Sophie & Nate put Dodge in our front yard to raise awareness for T1

I have no idea.

Dodge at our walk - taking cover from the rain!

The only real pic we got of Dodge at our JDRF Walk.  :(

We loved having Dodge here and would like to thank Noah and his parents for doing such a great job raising awareness for T1.  GREAT JOB!!!!!!


Unknown said...

Ah yeah, what the heck is Super Nate doing under those bushes!? LOL. So cool and thanks for posting. How do you go about getting flocked anyway. Do you need to submit your name and address somewhere?

Meri said...

Awesome! Dodge is quite the cutie! Your children on the other hand...gorgeous!!

phonelady said...

wow nate is such a cutie and what was he looking for in the bushes ? kids who knows .

The "I have no idea" pic made me laugh. That's such a boy thing! And I say that as the loving mom of two boys, who would crawl under bushes for no reason at any time! :)

Jen said...

I love that photo of Nate sleeping with Dodge..he is so super cute!

Lora said...

I laughed at the "I have no idea" pic also.
So cute!!!

We LOVE Dodge! He is such a nice flamingo! I was told Sweetpea was walking down the hall at school petting Dodge and talking to him! Thanks for sharing him with us! We will send him on soon!

oh these are great!! Jackson (the 4 yr) was excited to see the pics of Dodge in Random places... it is such a great campaign

Nate is a stud...end of discussion! I love looking at pics of that lil man!! Great pics! You guys are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Looks like fun at your place! ((hugs))

Heather said...

So awesome that you and Hallie got to take Dodge on your walks! Good to see him out and about "flocking". :)I love the picture with Nate sleeping with Dodge, priceless.

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