Monday, March 29, 2010

OmniPod Tips and Tricks

Ok, so we have only been using the OmniPod for a month so I really do not have that many tips and tricks but my last post received a lot of questions that I will attempt to answer here.

* We do decorate Nate's pods or as we like to call it "Pimp the Pod" with stickers but they often come off in the tub.  So, we just add another sticker after bath time.  Stickers are fun anytime!! The stickers that last the longest are the clear plastic kind or the non-paper type.  

* We always change Nate's pod after bath time so it has a chance to soak before site change.  We then use Uni-Solve (Smith&Nephew) to help remove the rest of the adhesive before we pull it off.  We tried baby oil and it did nothing for us but I know that it does work for others.

* Nate has super sensitive skin so currently before we place the pod we clean his skin with Skin-Prep (Smith&Nephew).  It helps keep the pod in place and also protects his skin from all of the adhesive.  Some people use an alcohol wipe but Nate's skin is too sensitive for that. 

* Nate's correction factor on the OmniPod is 1:300.  We started him at 1:200 but increased it to 1:300 about 2 weeks ago.  It is totally an option on the OmniPod. 

* OmniPod does have an Insulin On Board (IOB) feature but it calculates the IOB differently than other pumps.  The OmniPod calculates the IOB from the correction insulin instead of from correction and bolus insulin.  This totally works for us but does not work for everybody so I am not going to debate the IOB issue on my blog.  We love it.  Some people hate it. Some people just don't know anything about it!  :-)
My suggestion would be to speak with an Insulet representative to get the true facts about IOB and if it will work for your needs.

Insulet's definition:
Insulin on board (active insulin)
The amount of insulin that is still active in the body from a previous correction bolus dose. The amount of time insulin remains “on board” or active depends on each individual’s duration of insulin action. Talk with your healthcare provider to determine your duration of insulin action. The OmniPod System continually calculates the IOB to help prevent stacking of correction bolus doses, which is a major cause of hypoglycemia. 

* We currently have Nate's PDM set so that his IOB stays active for 5 hours. 

* The Reverse Correction is turned on for Nate's pod.  This is a feature that I love and feel like really keeps Nate from dropping to low. 

Reverse correction (negative correction)
Using an individual’s correction factor (sensitivity factor), the reverse correction is a calculation that reduces a portion of a meal bolus dose when the patient’s blood glucose level is below their blood glucose target. This feature is an option of the PDM, which should be turned on or off according to the advice of a healthcare provider.

*  Nate is only 21-months so he does not have huge insulin needs.  His basal rates change throughout the day and the night so we love all of the different basal rates available. Here are his current settings:

* My most important tip is for site changes!  I actually got the idea from Tracy and her brave boy, Zane. We give Nate a Dum-Dum lollipop during site change and it makes the entire ordeal almost a non-issue.  Nice!

I know there are many out there that have been pumping and podding longer than we have that can offer more advice, tips and tricks but I just wanted to answer some of the questions that I received via email, comments and Facebook.


Tracy said...

I am so happy the suckers work for you guys! I figure 6 carbs to help create less drama is totally worth it!

Jessica said...

Just became Dum-Dum converts today! Liam thanks you both! :)

Penny said...

Oh thank you SO much for all these tips! Love the explanation too.I really appreciate them! We are just beginning the journey to be 'Pod' people so every little but helps from people who truly use the thing!

Gotta check out the Smith and Nephew products you mentioned. Do you mind me asking where you get them? Drugstore or prescription? I am off to find them!

phonelady said...

I think that is just the most awesome thing ever . I wish I could do it and there is not one adhesive I can use . LOL !! that s me the most difficult person in the world LOL !!:)

alix said...

I am so happy that the pod is working for you guys. Hopefully you feel a slight burden lifted!
Hats off to you for being such and awesome mommy!
love ya

Jen said...

Thanks a million Laura for posting this. I am still SO skeptical that the pump is right for us but I can imagine the omnipod so much more than the tethered pumps. I am excited to know that we can go ahead for a trial now....

Wendy said...

Great post :)

From my other research and this post, the Omnipod appears to function pretty much the same as the other pumps. DIA, correction factors, ratios, basals, times of each setting change -- they can all be tailored individually using any pump.

The only differences I can see from your post is that both Animas and the new MM Revel offer smaller increments of dosage (0.025u) and, well, then there's that IOB thing...which, I'm not going to debate either, but I did want to make one itsy bitsy correction:

It doesn't actually calculate IOB differently.

The other pumps account for IOB from a correction the exact same way. It's just that the other pumps have an additional safety feature of including carb boluses in their IOB to prevent stacked insulin doses.

In the end, they all administer insulin, for the most part, the same.

Thank you, Laura, for giving as unbiased, upclose look at the Pod. Our 8-year old son was dx 5/13/09, and his Pod should be shipping this week. I'm nervous, anxious, excited, but knowing you've made the transition and it's working so well helps me take a breath. And, I can't wait to take a long trip without dealing with shots in the car!



Anonymous said...

Hi Laura. My son is only 18 months old and right now he is on only 0.5 unit of lantus. It seems that 0.05 is too much for him. do you know if I can go down to 0 at some parts of basal delivery on the OMnipod?

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