Monday, February 1, 2010

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Yea for us!!  We had our 1st good day of numbers since Nate's dx.  We are almost 5 months into this and it has taken us that long to get 1 solid day of  of 100's.  Nate started out the day at 245 (not so good) but we have started giving him his AM shot at least 15 minutes before he eats and that seems to really help.  The rest of the day looked like this:

9a  -193
11a - 132
3p - 191
5p  -158
7p - 160

Ok, those might not look that great to you but I seriously don't think we have had a day where he doesn't go high or low or both!  So, yea for me, yea for us and yea for Nate!!


This week Nate is wearing the OmniPod for a trial run before we make our final pump decision.  So far so good.  He cried for about 3 minutes when we put it on and kept saying "stuck! stuck! stuck!". But, once I put his shirt on he forgot all about it.  Here are some pics of Nate wearing the OmniPod -

Day 1

Yes, he is trying to scale the wall out of the tub!

Day 2
 Our local OmniPod rep is wonderful.  She has answered all of my questions & put me in touch with another T1 family that has a little girl Nate's age that is pumping with the Pod.  They love it.

I am hoping to hear back from the Ping rep tomorrow but plan on meeting with both next week at our Pump It Up class at Children's Dallas.


Tracy said...

I LOVE those numbers! They are definitely something to be proud of! We don't get them that often either.

I LOVE the bathtub picture, edited of course. :)

Looks like he is doing well with the pod. I will be anxious to hear what you think about the ping. :)

Wendy said...

Im anxious to hear your decision too! I think there are a lot of great pumps out there, its just the matter of picking one that works for you and your little man. He looks so cute with that thing on his arm! Big Strong, BRAVE boy..

phonelady said...

Oh he is such a cutie patootie with the little omni pod on his arm. I m so glad you have had good numbers dear and just remember if it does not work out then it is nothing you did at all .

Wendy said...

OMGsh...that bathtub pic is SO STINKIN' CUTE!!!! AHHHHH...

Hooray for a day of good numbers :)

SO CUTE!!!!!!!

Those numbers are GREAT!! We have been doing this for almost 6 years.. and some day's we never reach good #'s. Don't give up on that.

Depending on Mattie's #'s we as well wait to eat. I will give her insulin for high and the food that she is going to eat, and we make her wait.... it is a bit hard at school, but we just adjust the time she tests and then were off to eat. We also ALWAYS test 30 min before any meal, that way I have plenty of time to give the insulin.

The OmniPod looks so big on him.. he is so brave and flippin cute.. his little bum. Has he been tugging at it? How well did it do in water? I know lots of ?'s... but, what is a Pump it up class?

Thanks so much!

Meri said...

Isn't it amazing what one day of good numbers can do for your soul??? It is like a breath of fresh air in diabetes smog!

SO excited for Nate's pump!

LaLa said...

Nate did so well with the OmniPod - he didn't pull or tug at it and I think if we put it on his bum he won't even know it's there.

The Pump It Up class is pump training at Children's Hospital Dallas. All 3 pump reps will be there to give us the info on each pump.

I think we've already made up our minds but we will see . . .

Ok so I actually CRIED the first day Syd stayed under 200 all day!!! It was so awesome! I think your numbers are great btw!! Nate looks so stinken cute wearing the pod! You guys will LOVE having a pump! I'm so excited for ya and can't wait to hear how your class goes!!

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