Wednesday, February 24, 2010

An Interview with my T1 Super Cool Cousin!

I would like to introduce you to my cousin, Brian C.  He has Type 1 diabetes and I am just crazy about him.  He is my cousin by marriage so we are not actually related - - - you know it's one of those family things.  His dad is married to my mom's sister that used to be married to so and so and so on and on.  The only reason I bring that part up is because some people might think that T1  runs in our family which as far as I know (& I know a lot) - it does not.  Brian and I have known each other for about 20 years now and I love Brian like a brother. Since Nate's diagnosis I have been able to lean on him more than ever.   Thank, B!  I love you!

Brian and Nate

 Here is what Brian had to say about his T1:

At what age were you dx? 
 I was diagnosed at the age of 30.

Do you mind telling me a little about your dx story?  What were your symptoms?  How did you figure out that you had T1?   Were you hospitalized?  What was your BS at dx?  
  I found out about my diabetes while applying for life insurance.  I had recently gotten married to my first wife and thought it would be a good thing to do.  Now before this, I was ignoring signs that something was wrong but like all men we are stubborn and think we are invincible.  I had experienced extreme thirst, drastic weight loss, irritability, (above the normal that I already have), and extreme drowsiness after eating.  In the back of my mind I new there was something not right but was admittedly a little apprehensive about seeking help.  During the life insurance application process they do blood work.  Needless to say, they called me back the next day and told me my blood sugar level was 450 and that I should seek a doctors help immediately.  I was never, nor have I ever been hospitalized due to diabetes.  The irony of this story is unlike most you hear about,  no one in my family has ever had diabetes and the doctor told me that it was highly likely that the EXTREME bacterial infection I got on my honeymoon to Mexico.  He told me that it was likely that the infection had destroyed the part of my pancreas that creates insulin and looking back on when the symptoms started I couldn't argue that fact.

How long have you had T1?
  I have now had T1 for 10 years

How does T1 affect your daily life?
 T1 does not affect my daily life or my activities whatsoever except for taking shots but with the help of technology it has become a minuscule part of my day.
Has T1 prevented you from doing anything that you really wanted to do?
 T1 has not prevented me from doing anything, except I don't party and consume alcohol the way I used to but that isn't such a bad thing considering I'm an adult with responsibilities.
Debbie, Brian and Bailey

 What treatment are you currently using for T1? 
My current treatments are based on a sliding scale and consist of Humalog before meals based on BS levels and Humulin N at bedtime to counter the sugar my liver makes during the night.  

 What is your current A1c? 
 My last A1C was 6.7

Do you or have you ever had any complications from T1?
 No complications to date

Do you worry about your daughter getting T1?
I don't worry about my daughter getting diabetes because of our family history and the unusual way I developed the disease.
 Brian and Bailey

Is there any advice you would like to give me or any other parents caring for T1 children?
 The advice I would give isn't anything that anyone else hasn't already given.  All I can say is that if I had a child of my own I would probably test them very often because after seeing what Nate's Bgl's are from you and the fact he can't tell you how he is feeling then the only way for me to know how my child is feeling would be to test them once an hour or so.  Again, I am NOT in your shoes but that is the only way to know what is going on in my child's body.  

How much do you love me??
I think what you go through on a daily basis with Nate and the girls is far beyond anyone's imagination.  I have repeatedly told Debbie that no one has ANY idea what you endure on a daily basis.  You truly are a hero in my eyes and if you ever need ANYTHING, you can count on me!!!
I just had to include this pic of me and B dancing at his wedding.
I love to dance with Brian - - he is a great 2-stepper and an all around wonderful man!


Tracy said...

So awesome! Thanks for sharing Brian's story with us!

Wendy said...

What an awesome guy!!!! So happy to hear all about him :) Thanks for sharing!!!

Meri said...

It is so awesome to have the support of someone who really knows and understands. Especially family. :) So glad you have him to lean on!

phonelady said...

it sounds like brian takes care of hisself too and what an awesome person to have in your family and someone Nate can rely on too if he has any ?s later on . that is so cool .

Lora said...

Thanks for telling us all about "B".
It is awesome to hear someone say it doesn't really affect them. I love that and so wish Justin will be able to say the same later on :)

Unknown said...

AWESOME post about sure does help to have an adult with T1 to share with us what it is like. So many times I wonder what highs and lows actually feel like...and what does it feel like when your blood sugar rises or falls like 200 points in under an hour.

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