Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mom of the Year Award

So, I probably won't be winning the Mother of the Year contests any time soon - - -

Tuesday night I forgot to give Nate his bedtime dose of NPH so when I checked him at 11p he was in the 400's. My mom had stayed with my kids for a few hours while I went out to dinner with some friends & it was so nice & so relaxing & so wonderful.  I can't even tell you how badly I needed that time for myself.  It was greatness.  Only to get home and realize that I was the worst mom EVER.

I was a little bit frantic when I 1st checked him - just trying to figure out why he was so high.  He was low at his bedtime snack so I thought maybe I had over-carbed him.  I posted on Facebook for some help from my D-moms and they rocked!  All jumping in and giving me advice and encouragement .  It was one of the responses that got me thinking. She said - "I'm so glad you posted this because I forgot to give ------- her Lantis tonight." She also said "This post just reminded me.".   HOLY CRAP!  That is when it dawned on me that I had forgotten Nate's NPH.

I called the 24-hours emergency number and the Endo had me use Nate's correction scale to bring him down but I had to check his bg and for ketones every hour to 2 hours.  I was too nervous to sleep and really what is the point when the alarm is going off every hour or so - right?  So, I pulled an all-nighter to take care of my son.  My poor son who had to suffer all night along with me because I screwed up.

I think he's forgiven me now but I am having a hard time forgiving myself!

Please forgive all of my rambling ways - - - I am still not caught up on my sleep!


Shannon said...


Second...Don't beat yourself up over it. I should go tag all my blog posts of the stuid diabetes related things that I have done in the last year so you can see that we all do it! (Milk shakes and I don't get along when it comes to diabetes!) Plus it is still so new. Hang in there! He will never remember the times you forget something but he will never forget the way you keep him alive and take care of him the way you do!

Nicole said...

Hey you said it yourself you were not the only mom that night that had forgotten to give there poor little T1 child their insulin....we are humans and sometimes we over look things. (P.S. it was me) But we always correct it and move on....until the next mistake that we can beat ourselves up with! lol

Your are doing a wonderful job and you are a wonderful mom. You stayed up all night to make sure your child was safe, you do deserve the mother of the year award, I think that we all do!! and not just D mom's all mom's!!

:) Tracie said...

We've been at this for over 7 years now and guess what? I STILL have those times where I forget to dose Jessi.

In fact, had one of those days a little over amonth ago...sent her off to school even, then when she tested in the 400's for lunch....DUH! I just have to remind myself to screw that lightbulb in tighter!!

Lora said...

Check out my mom of the year post... I think we all have a few stories. I had to call my Mother in law for help... THAT SUCKED!!!
Hang in there ~ your awesome :)

Tracy said...

We have ALL made mistakes at one time or another! I wish I could say we have forgotten to give insulin, but our mistakes always seem to be the opposite. Our mistakes are usually when we give TOO much insulin and then have to force our 2 year old (or 1 year old, at the time of dx) to eat sugar!

Ah, fun times. :)

Don't beat yourself up! You are a great mom!

AjsMommy82 said...

Don't be so hard on yourself, we've all done it! And sadly to say it probably wont be the last time.
Hope you enjoyed your starbucks the next morning! :)

phonelady said...

yep we all have done it and I forgot just a few wks ago that i did not buy juice or candy . Wth was I thinking and kept having lows so went to look for candy and juice and could not find any . Nope I wont be getting mom of the year award either or ever lol !!!Hang in there crap happens and nate is fine and so are you minus a little sleep . Go to sleep and get some zz's.

Ok- get this. I forgot to bolus Avery one night because I was so busy and wrapped up doing things to educate others about diabetes for World Diabetes Day!!! Uh- DUH! It happens. We're not perfect- no matter how hard we try! You're still Mother of the Year in my book!

Amy said...'s okay!!! :D I once fed Jada a donut for breakfast and FORGOT her lantus and novolog! Yeah...that caused a HI reading on the meter!
Really- you're doing an amazing job!!

Meri said...

I missed giving one of my diabetics his dinner insulin the other night. But in my defense...there are so many of them, how do I make sure I got to them all?

Seriously all works out in the end. You are doing great! It happens to the best of us for sure. :)

Wendy said...


Just 2 days ago, who the heck let their kid's pump run out of insulin and didn't have the stuff to fix the problem just as they were about to dive into an uber high carb meal of pasta, bread, and pie with family from out of town.

Hmmm...not me ;)

You sweet thing!!! That is really scary.

You really are doing a good job, and we can make mistakes.. Thanks for posting, your really great!

Wendy said...

NOT NOT NOT a horrible mom! Mistakes happen.. how can they not when you literally have so much going on in your head non-stop. You did everything right to fix it and thats whats important. You are doing great and your little man has a wonderful mommy!

Oh I love the comments! You are great! You are wonderful! Don't think otherwise! We've all made those mistakes...often more than once! HUGS!

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