Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Our 1st Scary Low

Tonight we had our 1st scary low with Nate -
We went out to dinner with my parents and Nate was plowing along through his bread when he just suddenly looked at me and started crying.  It was a cry that was telling me something.  Something was wrong like he had hurt himself but clearly nothing had happened.  I grabbed him out of the chair and into my arms.  He was not ok.  A little too sleepy, a little too limp, and a little bit TOO LOW.  We checked his bg and he had dropped from 220 before we started dinner to 50.  He would not eat or drink and he was just not acting right.  Jim and I took him outside in the cold air and got him to drink a juice box.  He perked up then but once we got back inside he was just so sleepy and wanting to nod off in my arms.  We finally got him to eat a little and before long he was back to his charming self.

I carry all of the tools with me in case this happens.  Juice, Gel, Icing, Rice Krispie Treat (his fav), Breakfast Bars, & Glucagon.  I just was not expecting to use any of it tonight.  It was really out of no where.  Honeymooning?  I guess!  Who really knows?

I said earlier tonight that I hate, hate, hate diabetes then I read a quote from a very wise little girl with type 1.  In response to her mother's questioning if she hated diabetes she said "If I hated diabetes then I'd hate myself because it is part of me."

Well, ok smarty pants you just taught me a lesson!  :-) 
So, I do not like what diabetes is doing to my son but I do not hate it because it is a part of him.  I will learn to embrace it and live with it in honor of a beautiful little girl named Kacey that taught me a very valuable lesson this evening.  Thank you Jill for sharing your story and thank you to your wise and beautiful daughter, Kacey.


Meri said...

That is the thing about lows...they are never expected. Poor Nate...lows feel so yucky. I'm glad you were prepared. You did all the right things! Good for you for knowing that something wasn't right!

Lora said...

I remember my first scare... its never easy but now you know you can handle it. Great job mom... and dad too :)

Amy said...

Good job mom!! Those darn lows can just come out of nowhere!! Hate them, hate them!! Ya know, even Jada has a different cry when she's low.....it's very sad and heart breaking. She had a 43 just before lunch (unexpected) and it took her a while to recover. It's hard on their little bodies....it always wipes Jada out!! You were prepared and did great!

phonelady said...

those lows can come out of anywhere and now you see you are preparred and can handle anything with you and Jim as parents , Nate will be just fine .

Jill said...

OK! My turn to cry!!! Thank you for the kind words :)

Laura you're doing an amazing job!! Kacey is able to talk and tell me if she feels a low coming on (most of the time) so I can only imagine how hard it is to tell with a little one that can't tell you. Kacey gets what I call "the look" and its that blank stare and then she tells me she thinks shes low. There are times I catch the lows before she does. Keep up the great work and don't beat yourself up! :)

I'm glad she touched you :) She continues to surprise me with how much she actually understands this disease...more than I could have ever imagined she would. She's come a long way in 17 months since she was diagnosed and I hope she continues on the path she is going. She's taught me so much in just this short time and I want to continue to learn from her :)

God, give Laura the strength to continue to do an amazing job with little Nate and watch over him as he goes through his honeymoon battle. Give her the knowledge to know this will get easier and even though she will always be on this diabetes roller coaster, you will be right beside her holding her hand along the way....and so will we!

I second what Jill said! Beautiful, Jill! And Laura, you ARE doing a great job! At least for me, once I handled one low low I felt more confident and it wasn't as scary the next time. Not AS scary- but still scary. Hugs to you! Thinking of you all!

Laura way to be prepared! Lows can be so scary! The werid thing is sometimes Syd can be in the 30s and walking around like nothing is wrong. Other times she can be in the 40s or 50s and be so symptomatic it's really scary! They can vary so much! Way to handle it like a pro though! You guys are doing great!

:) Tracie said...

Lows suck. I can remember when Jessi was first diagnosed (at 19 months) and she reached a 28 one time. That was scary too. Now she's 9 (just like Kacey) and she can pretty much feel them coming on, but sometimes they sneak by still. Thankfully we haven't used the glucagon in the 7 years dealing with this, she still functions even if she's 36 but we like to stay away from those! Usually she can catch them in the 40-50's, but either way they still suck.

Chalk this under experience, and way to be prepared mom, cause ya never know!

alix said...

You did a fantastic job Laura. Those lows come on fast. Tyler feels them hard when he is higher, like Nate was, and drops rapidly low.
We seem to always be chasing lows.
You know your boy well and can read the signs... Keep up the great work.
Thanks for the quote about diabetes, I needed to hear it today.
A big hug to you

Unknown said...

Nice job Laura! The lows are scary and always shake me up. Thanks for sharing that quote..it will be good to remember when we are having a rough day!

Megann said...

I'm sorry about Nate's low. Good for you for acting so quickly and recognizing something was wrong.
I've been "hating" diabetes too, as you probably gathered from my last post. Thanks for sharing that story. I needed that.

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