Thursday, October 29, 2009

599 - Sweeter and Sweeter!

At dinner Nate's BG was 599 - - - Yes, 599!
When my daughter, Emma looked at the meter she said "599 seems like a lot of sugar" to which I replied that it was pretty high and she said "Mom, I guess Nate just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter!".

It was so sweet it made me cry and I haven't stopped.  I am feeling overwhelmed tonight!  Overwhelmed by chasing the numbers and overwhelmed by my sadness and just overwhelmed by diabetes!!

It was down to 293 at bedtime with no ketones so I will check once more before I go to bed.


Cheryl said...

He is getting sweeter and sweeter . . .in time my dear sweet daughter you will get those loving arms around this cruel disease and I am confident you will whip it into shape! From all I read even when you do everything right . . .and you do . . .the numbers just don't work . . .we were together most of the day and you were right on with every bite/beverage . . .so just chalk one up to the enemy and know that tomorrow will be a much better day . . . I love you . . .sleep tight little termite . . .after you check our baby once more . . .Mom

Lora said...

Though it doesn't seem like it now, it does get better. It will just be part of life before you know it.
Hang in there...

Wendy said...

You're doing a great job....just know that this rollercoaster ride is a normal part of managing D. Sometimes it's REALLY high...and, sometimes, it's REALLY low.

We get it. Don't ever blame yourself for what you see on the meter. Blame Diabetes.

Remember that there are no "bad" numbers. That might sound strange, but there aren't. Each and every number is a roadmap for what you need to do next. That's all. Those numbers don't define you as a mother!!!! There's no more taking things one day at a you'll do it one number at a time....

Keep swimming...just keep swimming...

Meri said...

Laura- Numbers of babies with diabetes RARELY do exactly what they are supposed to. Everything is constantly changing and that means constant adjusting. They grow, they cry, they start running more, they get sick...ALL these things affect blood sugars. You are doing a PHENOMENAL job! Don't take those numbers personally.

It's okay to grieve. We'll be here for you! But know that these kind of days are par for the course. One number at a time. Don't look back...look forward! You are doing great!

Joanne said...

ditto to what everybody said... I wish I had seen this post earlier, I would have called you and you could have blown off some steam!

Don't worry about the crying, it is so, so normal.

I have more to say, but it will just be easier to email ya!

Fred said...

I remember those high numbers ... We were so frustrated ... There is light at the end of the Dunnel :-)

phonelady said...

Laura , my babie is 25 and he is okay and yes you are a terrific mom and things will get better with time and I know because I have been through it . You see I am also a t1 and so is my son . talk about guilt . I often think he has it because I do . Not true . You just take a deep breathe you are doing fine my dear . things will get easier . Yes cry , scream , holler whatever you have to do . Im with fred there is a light at the end of the tunnel .

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