Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So, we signed up for Type 1 Research Study called TrialNet (which I keep typing as TrailNet by mistake).  Anyone else doing this?  (
Anyway, that is why we took all 3 kids to Nate's appointment on Monday.  They draw blood and do testing to see if other members of the family are 'at risk' of developing Type 1. 

WOW - I had no idea our oldest daughter, Emma would totally FREAK OUT!  She was screaming and crying as soon as they came in the room.  I took the other 2 children out to watch Barney and we could still hear Emma screaming over a very loud rendition of the Barney Song (you know - I love you - you love me - blah - blah - blah).

After that I thought for sure Sophie (3 years) would be a mess going in for her turn but she walked in and was a complete trooper.  She sat there very quietly, watched them draw the blood and never even blinked an eye.  Impressive!

By this time it was nearly 1:00 - we were all starving, Nate was tired and 2 hours past his nappy time & everyone was beginning to melt down - even me! 

I'm still recovering from the endo appointment and then the TrialNet appt. on top of that - I think it completely frazzled me for the entire week!!


phonelady said...

okay well I am an Emma too sorry but whenI was 16 and got dxed I freaked too . i can still remember not wanting to believe it . so they sent me to a class to teach me how to give myself injections . well now at 47 it has gotten easier thank god . I hope nathan is well and it is always harder I think when they are babies . My son who is now 25 was dxed when he was 6 . I hope it gets easier for emma too . sorry you had a worn out day .

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