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Nightscout / CGM in the Cloud and How We Roll . . . #WeAreNotWaiting

Because blogging every 6 months or so seems to be my new pattern I'm going to go ahead and hammer one out . . . 

But really - - - I'm so super excited about something and I want to share it with everyone!  

My friend, Hallie at The Princess and the Pump and I have been following a grass roots movement for a while, we both joined the FB group, CGM in the Cloud a few months ago and stealthly read every post and looked at every photo before deciding to jump on board (FINALLY!!) and set up our own Nightscout systems.   What is Nightscout also known as CGM in the Cloud?  Well, it's probably way more technical than I can explain so I will refer you to the site and the set up instructions after I try to tell you my version . . . 

Our Dexcom G4 CGM (continuous glucose monitor) receiver is now plugged into an Android Moto G telephone.  There is an awesome and amazing and magical app on the Moto G that takes the Dexcom information and sends it to a magical cloud and that magical cloud sends the data to my very real iPhone, iMac and iPad.  I love magic!  My iPhone is connected to my Pebble SmartWatch via bluetooth.  Some really smart person that developed all of the magic listed above also created a magical app for the Pebble which gets the data from the iPhone and displays it on my watch!!  Did I already say that I love magic?  

Ok, I know it's not really magic but like I said I will leave all the techy details to the amazing parents that developed this fantastic tool.  Here is a copy and paste from the CGM in the Cloud page on Facebook:

CGM in the Cloud is a group to share your experience with a CGM remote monitoring system, Nightscout, allowing real time access to a Dexcom G4 CGM from web browsers via smartphones, computers, tablets, and the pebble smart-watch. Dexcom G4 CGM data is just a glance away:

Want to get started?

The Nightscout system requires a Dexcom G4 CGM, a USB OTG cable, an Android device, and free cloud-hosting service such as azure or heroku. If things go smoothly, it can be set up in about an hour. If you run into speed bumps, there is an extensive support network here on Facebook, and here on the forum:

The members are not willing to wait for an approved solution and instead are working out the bugs with Nightscout’s open source code. The system is not something that you can purchase from Dexcom, not something you can download from the Google Play or Pebble App store but an imperfect system that requires work to install, support and equipment to purchase. If you want a perfect system, this is not for you, but if you want an educational tool so your kids/friends/girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse/parents can be monitored while they are in another room, in another state, at a play date, sleepover, sports activity, or even at school or work than please read more. We are closer than ever to the prospect of a safer, more effective, less burdensome life with type 1 diabetes for millions of people and WE ARE NOT WAITING!

CGM in the Cloud and its support infrastructure: created and maintained by volunteers on nights and weekends; people who live with diabetes and understand the burden of "not knowing the number". All we ask is that you Pay it Forward.

The group is fantastic!  You can ask questions or do a search and most likely find an answer to anything you can think of asking --- someone has probably already asked it and the kind people in the group have jumped in and helped solve the problem!   There are over 4500 members of the Facebook group but I believe at last count only around 400-500 actual users.  

Nightscout has given Nate just the freedom that he needs at just the right time!  He's SIX now and going into 1st grade (I know --- whaaaaat?).  He likes to roam the 'hood, hang with the neighborhood kiddos and play outside with his friends (without mom hovering like a crazy person).

I'm also loving the freedom it's given me!  These pictures below are of me out on my 1st run while leaving Nate at home with an older neighborhood friend and Emma Leigh!  It was fantastic.  They all felt like they were getting a little bit of freedom and honestly I really needed that run!  I know there are running apps for the Pebble but 1) I really like my Nike watch and B) I didn't want to have to switch between Pebble faces to see Nate's number and my running stats.  I'm perfectly aware that I looked like a big dork --- I don't care!

Photos from Nightscout/CGM in the Cloud:

My out of pocket cost for this set up was not too bad --- the Pebble smart-watch is optional!  
Moto G Phone (at Target)  ----  $59.99
Nintendo DS Case to carry it -  $9.00
Cables needed for Nightscout - $10.00
Pebble Smart Watch -----------   $150.00 

I activated the Moto G on the Ting network using a referral code from another Nightscouter and then Hallie used my referral code which gives me a $25.00 credit for both so there are no charges yet but I've heard on average it will run about $9 per month.  If you are thinking about setting it up on the Ting network my referral code is:    that code will give you a $25 credit!!

It uploads data to any computer, smart phone, tablet or computer so the Pebble is absolutely not necessary but makes it work very well for us!  

I also wanted to include this video that Emma, Nate and I made yesterday about how we carry our Diabetes supplies around --- including the OmniPod PDM and the Nightscout set up.  The last time we made a video about our "D" Bag was in April of 2011 ---- you can watch that one HERE and you should watch it because it's so funny and cute and Nate and the girls were so teeny tiny and adorable!

So, here is the new video:

You have to watch the video to see how we are going to roll out Nightscout at school --- if you have any questions . . .shoot me an email at or message me on Facebook:

And as of right now this video will not load on YouTube or on Blogger so I may throw my iMac and iPhone out the window at any moment.  Hopefully, by the time this posts everything will be loaded.  If not, well I'll go with Plan B.  I don't have a Plan B yet but I'll figure it out!

It loaded!!  YIPPPPEEEEE!!!

Thanks for stopping by and please go check out Nightscout because #WeAreNotWaiting.


Lora said...

I am really thinking about this as a way for Justin to become "independent" at school. My only concern is the phone reception in the building... practically non existent, so I'm worries it wont even work where I need it. Thanks for posting... I'm digging for all the info I can get.

Kelly said...

CrAzY cool!!! So happy you have this for sweet little Nate! Yay for freedom, AND peace of mind for Mom!!!

Unknown said...

Oooo....THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I really appreciate seeing your set up. We're just getting things set up over's a process, indeed!

Unknown said...

That sounds amazing. One question though - do you know if you can keep track of more than 1 CGM with that equipment or do you need 1 setup per CGM? Since Henry was diagnosed in April, we have joined the poo-poo club of more than 1 diabetic! He and Willie both have CGMs, so I was just wondering.

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