Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Follow up to Broken

Last February (2012) I wrote a post titled Broken.
That seems like a million years ago.

It's done.
I'm divorced.
It was awful.

I can't even blog about it --- it was that bad.
People change.
I don't even know him anymore.

It doesn't matter now.

I'm free.
I'm happy.
I smile a lot.

The children are fine.
They smile a lot too.
They are totally amazing.

The children and I moved out of our home last November and moved in with my parents for a short time.  I could not appreciate them more for allowing us to invade their home with our craziness.  We are beyond blessed to have them.

In January we moved out and moved forward.  We have a wonderful new life now.  I won't pretend it hasn't been hard at times. There are certainly challenges.   There are so many adjustments.  The kids had to change schools, make new friends and move to a new city. You know what, except for the school part - I had to do that too.  Trying to make new friends at 40 kind of blows!

I was left with a mountain of debt, no house, and a gigantic IRS lien and no job.  My credit was better so nearly everything was in my name and X decided to let me keep all the debt.
Thank you, X!

I'm completely starting over at the fabulous age of FORTY!

Deep breath - I can do this.  Oh hell yes - - - I am doing this.

Nate still has diabetes.  Sophie still has Crohn's.  Emma is still the best big sister ever.  That stuff hasn't changed.  I will continue to blog about the ups and downs of living with Crohn's and Diabetes, vent about the frustrations and tell a few funny stories along the way.

Oh ya . . . I have some news.

I met someone.

He's pretty special.
He makes my heart happy.
He is completely amazing!

Actually, I've known him for over 20 years (ok, 25 to be exact).

He's been a friend through thick and thin.
He's seen me through all of my ups and downs.
He loves my crazy minis and has embraced them as his own.

When something is right, really right . . . you know it.  As our friendship developed into something more we both felt it.  It just felt so right.  There were times that we both tried to deny it but everything kept leading us back to each other.  You can't turn off or deny something so strong.

So here we are both of us starting over again together.

It is fun.
It is challenging.
It is completely amazing.

I love it.
I love him.
I love my life.

His name is . . . . Ian.  Typing that made me smile.

Ian has 2 nieces that have Type 1 (Hi Krysta and Samantha!!)
He has totally embraced life with diabetes and Crohn's amd shows absolutely no fear of either one.

He's mastered Type 1, Pod changes, and is able to recognize highs and lows in Nate.  They are best buds!!

He was there last year when Sophie was in the hospital.
He visits her during her Remicade infusions

She thinks he's pretty special:

We all think he's pretty special.

OK, OK . . . enough gushing over Ian.
I just wanted to introduce my readers to Ian and his sweet, precious girls, Lexi and London.
They will all be popping up in the blog from time to time so I thought an explanation was in order.

If we're friends on Facebook this is all old news to you so please feel free to disregard.  :)


Penny said...

I am so very happy for you, Laura! And Ian sounds wonderful! You are a strong, brave woman and I am proud to call you my friend <3

Joanne said...

He sounds wonderful. I'm so happy for you and your kiddos... You guys were due!

But the real test is... Will he wear a WDD Type 1 shirt without getting pissy about it???

I am so very happy for this new chapter in your life! YOU ARE AMAZING and I am so happy for you!

Sarah said...

love LOVE love this update!

Really pleased to hear the broken is being fixed! Best wishes to you and your family.

Unknown said...

Laura... OMG! Of course I know Ian from facebook... but reading this post, having it all written down together and seeing all of your happy faces. Wow. I am so So SO happy for you! LOVE YOU! SCL! MTW!!

Scully said...

this is so heartwarming. I can see it in your words the way you feel.

I, too, am divorced and THEN i met the man of my dreams. We are getting married in two weeks.
this time it's for reals yo.
CONGRATS... I get it.

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