Thursday, February 7, 2013

Type One Diabetes Rage

After almost 3.5 years of Super Nate having T1D I rarely have diabetes rage anymore.  I know that is hard to believe but it is totally true ----- there are days that totally suck but we pretty much just roll with it.

Low ---------------- Carb It Up
High ---------------- Rage Bolus
Pod Alarm -------- Change It
Sensor Failure ---- Change That Too
Carb Count? -------SWAG It

Ok, I may not really be that easy going when it comes to T1D but I have chilled A LOT.  I've learned not to sweat it because it ends up just causing me and Nate more stress.  I don't weigh, I don't measure, I don't freak out when he's high, or overreact when he is low, I don't get mad when a pod screams or a sensor fails < ----- I used to do all of those things!!

There really are still hard days and I do complain occasionally but for the most part I don't let it get me down.  I have lots of support and the wonderful people in my life now are stepping up and learning how to care for Nate and I am letting them.  That helps a lot with the stress.

I still don't sleep at night ---- that sucks big time but that doesn't cause rage.  I haven't slept in 3.5 years --- that's just my normal.

Back to the reason I started this post . . . . so, I am cruising along not really raging about T1d and then BAM! Out of the blue Nate has decided to grow up! He's started to be an independent little boy who wants to play outside, ride his bike around the neighborhood, roller skate, and gulp . . . hang out with friends! What the What . . . he's only 4!! Okay . . . 4.5 but still!

The girls have made several new neighborhood friends so they come and go as they please and are in and out of certain houses on our street.  One of the houses is across the street and another is just next door.  I feel totally safe with this situation and love that the girls have made new friends that live so close.



Then the dreaded question came from the man child . . .

Can I go with Sophie over to [insert neighbor child's name here] house to play Wii?

Oh ...................... Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudddddggggggggggggge.  If you know me at all you totally know that I didn't really say FUDGE.

I was not expecting that!

After the question was asked I stood there for what seemed like an eternity trying to formulate an answer that was not going to make him resent having T1D.  Not an easy thing to do especially since all of my resentment that I had finally let go of came flooding back.

 In that instant I remembered all of the parties we had attended where I would stand and watch the other children drink juice boxes, eat pizza and cake and be completely carefree about what they were doing.  I remembered the resentment I felt for those parents that were standing against the wall chatting and laughing without worrying about the activity level of their child. I resented them for not worrying about whether or not their child's blood sugar would drop and mostly because they weren't having to check blood sugars and stress about all the food that was about to be consumed ---- the carb counts, whether to extend the bolus or give it up front, whether to back off on the insulin due to the activity.  All the craziness that we deal with came back in an instant ---- just like that I was resenting diabetes again.

It seems like with everything else diabetes related my emotions seem to ebb and flow.  I really have let go of so much of the anger and resentment but I now know that as Nate grows up there will always be new experiences, new adventures and new hurdles & with diabetes in the mix all of those will come with new emotions.

I know that there will be a time when Nate is able to run around the neighborhood, play at the neighbor's house, or even go on a bike ride without me but not now. Not Yet. We are not quite ready for that at his age.  He is just now verbalizing his lows which he still sometimes mistakes with highs. He thinks Danimals have 121 carbs and applesauce has 600 carbs.  I have no idea where those numbers come from --- I think he's just being a silly boy! He can check his own blood sugar but has no idea yet what to do with the number he sees on the PDM.  We will get there . . . I know we will but we are not there quite yet.

So, for now we have an open invitation to the neighborhood children to play & snack at our house where Nate can continue to explore his independence while I keep a (secret) watchful eye on him and am able to check his blood sugar so quickly that most of time the other children don't even notice.  I'm good like that YO!

Right now he is content with hanging outside and at our house but I know the time will come when I will have to let go a little bit more.  Until then diabetes rage is back in check.  We will cross that bridge when we come to it.

Oh and for how I answered his question about playing at the neighbor's house . . . I actually let him go. I did a quick bg check, he was at a safe number so off he and Sophie went.  I knew that dinner was almost ready and they would not be able to stay long.  I've never finished making dinner quite so fast.  Within 15 minutes I was texting the neighbor to send the minions home for dinner.  He got to experience a little bit of  independence and I only experienced mild heart failure.

Keeping calm most some of the time . . . and always carrying on . . .


(Hugs), Laura! The independence, carb counting, BG understanding, and all that comes with bolusing , insulin, and treating lows will come in time!

I think what you are feeling and 'rage-ing' must be completely normal! You are a strong momma! Just out of curiosity...are you a T1 also? I was just diagnosed last May and it does not run in my family.

Sarah said...

We just had that moment too around the holidays actually, I did the same, quick check and off - luckily our neighbors are very aware of how quickly things can go downhill as they've helped out while juggling a sick hubby (with t1d who went to the ER) still a stress, but not horrible. The whole starting Kinder in the fall right now is stressing me day at a time though, right?!

Kelly said...

I could have written an identical post just the same Laura! Resentment, letting go of the rage, just roll with it. Same same my friend! I remember those days when Maddison was little, even if it was just the neighbors house it was still alot to think about! Im happy you have great neighbors too, that makes it so much easier to send them off, Nate is so little, its so hard....but YAY you!! Nowadays its sending Maddison off for the day to hang out with her friends since she is older, so its kinda changed alot but its still kinda the same even after all these years. -Sigh-

You are an awesome D Mom, Nate is a lucky boy to have you!!

Anonymous said...

Two posts in one week. Hugs lady.

ANWAR KHAN said...

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Unknown said...

Oh my! He is getting so big and old and mature Laura! I hear ya...been there and we are still experiencing all kinds of "firsts" as far as Joe's independence with "D" goes.

CTR Mama said...

I appreciate your honesty. Really. My 2 yr old was diagnosed almost 5 months ago and it really is a ridiculous emotional roller coaster. She was already the most mommy-attached child in the universe, so even contemplating pre-school and playdates is overwhelming. My husband has had T1 for 30 years now so to him it's all much less of a big deal. I am sorry for your struggles but grateful to see I'm not as crazy as I feel sometimes. It sucks, but we will live. THEY will live :>)

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