Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Every 3 days

Diabetes is always here.

Every day.

I wake up to diabetes before I wake up to my children.  The 1st thing I do with my sleepy eyes and groggy head is check Nate's blood sugar then bolus for breakfast.  Obviously I eat, breathe and sleep diabetes but it's all routine.

It's become part of our lives.

Eat. Sleep. Bolus.


It's just become pretty routine.

Not always an easy routine but after 2 years it's become routine nonetheless.

But every 3rd day . . .

I dread the 3rd day.

Pod change day.

We have to change Nate's pod every 3 days.  It's not hard.
You take it out, fill it up, prime it, stick it on and POP it.  Sounds easy enough right?

I dread pod change day.

It has nothing to do with the OmniPod.  I think I would hate site change day even more if we didn't have the OP but I really just dread the 3rd day.

I usually change Nate's pod at night when he is sleeping (see videos below for why).  Maybe because it is the end of the day, I'm tired and it's just one more thing I have to do. Or maybe it's because I can't stand the smell of insulin, or looking at the big giant syringe that fills the pod.  It could be because I know how much Nate hates this day.  He screams, he cries, he begs and pleads.  I take it in stride but I think maybe that could be what makes me dread it so much.  Even when he is sleeping and he barely stirs --- I know.  I know how much he hates it.

Every 3rd day I also give thanks for the wonderfulness of the OmniPod.  This wonderful little medical device makes the days in between pod change days so much more bearable.

Bittersweet loving something so much that keeps my son alive yet causes him such anguish.

Warning:  This video is hard to watch.  We had to do 2 pod changes in 1 day (Nate and Pancake were playing a little too rough and we lost a pod).  Nate was tired and absolutely did not want to have his pod put on him.  I've worn the pod on numerous occasions and although there is a loud pod when the needle inserts the cannula for me the pain in more like a small (very bearable) pinch. Granted --- I am a 38 year old woman and he is a 3 year old little boy.

Afterwards I asked him a few questions:

Keep calm and OmniPod on . . .


Kelly said...

Breaks my heart for the little ones. Can I just say it SO isnt fair? ((HUGS)) for you both!

kkd said...
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kkd said...

I obviously am too tired to leave a proper comment. Anyway, that is one cute, little, upset boy! So sorry, Nate! Isn't it amazing how fast those three days go by when that pod is working like a charm?! You are so right about it being routine. I think we all make it look pretty simple, but it takes up every bit of my energy, brain, and the list goes on....

Shannon@ The New Normal Life said...

oh Laura it is like a video of Joshua. It has gotten worse with every change HE HATES getting it changed.. but once it is on he is fine.. today he knocket it out playing too...

Jessica said...

That breaks my heart. Hugs, friend.
That pout. Man. Those three days come up SO fast. We have to do Liam's first thing in the morning so he gets his big breakfast bolus on it, and I still try to do it when he's sleeping if I can.
He rarely cries like that anymore, but he's starting to internalize it instead, and I don't know which makes me feel worse. It's just not fair, but on the other hand, I'm so glad we have a tool like the OP to make it easier.

Meri said...

I couldn't watch the entire first video. It hurt my heart too much. We have been there...tiny little boys crying during their set change used to be our normal. Strangly enough, now that they are older it is just as hard to watch them try not to wince when they insert it. Their strength is humbling. Whether they cry or not...they are superheroes in my book.

Nope. It really isn't fair.
I'm glad he has you though. You are a blessing Laura!

Sarah said...

site changes have been kickin my, well, our booties lately, too. We've had to find a new spot also as Isaac is starting to get a little lumpy...darn site rotation. We do a little show for Isaac (think stupid human tricks) so that he is distracted while we do a site change, but man it's work to do it all not to mention plain ol' no fun for him. I keep thinking none of this is a cure, none. I am still hopeful for that day when we don't have to dread these moments because they will be long gone!

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