Friday, June 3, 2011

The boy took a header and I grabbed a BG

In my defense I really didn't know it was that deep. When Nate was a wee one he had a run in with a lamp --- more accurately he tried to pull himself up to a standing position using a lamp cord. It didn't really work out for him. I did however learn from that experience that head wounds bleed!! A lot! 

And the boy is tough! 
He cried for a few minutes but then stopped.  
Similar to the time he face planted out of the Radio Flyer . . . 

So, at 1st glance I didn't really think this time was going to be anything more than just a lot of blood so you know I grabbed the meter. Save a finger grab it while you can seemed like a good motto at the time. 

Ehhh - - - well turns out it this one was a little deeper than I thought.

Apparently, he was chasing Pancake, tripped on the living room rug, and fell head 1st into the leg of a chair.  

Off to the ER ----

Serenity now.

And . . . Yes, he is playing Cut The Rope on my mom's iPhone --- he kicks ass!


Boy all those cuts did is make me fall
deeper in love ! Lol.such a tough guy!

Hope he heals fast and didn't give you a heart attack! Xoxo

Rachael said...

Poor kid! Thats sad. He seems rather calm in the pics. When I had younger siblings go to the ER it was always a "hold-ya-down" scream, bite, and kick fest! Hope things get better!

Kinkos has bubble wrap on sale, just wrap him up! :) Hugs to you!

Kimberly said...

Yet he never put the phone down. Ever. Hilarious!!

Unknown said...

Wow...I am just sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the next injury Joe has in store for us. He flirts with danger non-stop.



And...there is nothing like a son's love for his mother. xoxo

OMG, could he be any cuter!!!! Seriously?!?!
Love that you ran for the meter...that's awesome!
Hope he heals glad I have girls! ;)

Holly said...

He's adorable-even all sad, teary, and sweaty! : ) Did he get stitches? How do they make all the blood stop? I want some of that!
Hope your house is calmer now!! : )

Michelle said...

Poor little guy...but I do love that you tested from the head wound, lol...totally something I'd do too! Hope it heals up quickly and he doesn't pick at the Dermabond!

Denise said...

He is SO darn cute! I love the big cheesy smiles despite the gaping wound. What a always!

Stephanie said...

He is just the most adorable lil' thing! Cut the Rope is a savior in our house too. :)

Joanne said...

Hello from Portugal! I'm using fred's ipad and his cousin's wifi. Sorry to hear about Nate's latest adventure. Miss you and can't wait to catch up. And speak english.

Karen said...

Oh, poor little Nate!!!! My goodness, he is such a trooper though, isn't he? All those smiles.

Amy said...

What kind of D-Mom WOULDN'T grab a 'free' bs check?! ;). And, how is it Nate can look cute while crying, pouting, bleeding, wounded, shocked . . . . etc. He is one of a kind, my friend. I would tell you to cherish and adore and love him to bits, but it is sooooooo obvious you already do. He is one lucky boy to have you as his Mama.

oh my I never relized how similar the boys looked till I saw these pics!! You know we love you and are wishing you and Nate a speedy recovery! Big VA hugs

Renata said...

He is a tough boy. That one picture where is face is all red, just brought tears to my eyes. I think all of our kids learn to toughen up really quick with D, no matter what age they are. Way to go Nate.

Sarah said...

we joke that they need a punch card for the ER here with ethan - five punches and the sixth visit is on them kind of deal. So, glad Nate is okay :)

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