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Blogger Basal - May Edition

 The month of May has been crazy busy for the Houston family and I am guessing we are not alone.  I know I for one am WAY behind on blog reading so hopefully, the BB will get us all caught up so that we can start fresh for June.  You know June --- the month our children get out of school and are suddenly back in our care 24/7 --- AWESOME! Good Hell - I am so not prepared!

Please forgive my lack of originality but if you read last weeks post about 'losing it all' you know how my D world was rocked and I am still trying to play catch up.

Here we go . . .

May was Celiac Awareness Month --- Want to know more about Celiac? Would you like some help planning meals with Celiac?  Well, check out these awesome posts ---

Wendy at Candy Hearts wrote: Our Gluten Free Life - The Stuff We Eat 


Kris at My Sugar Bugs wrote: May is Celiac Awareness Month

I cannot even begin to tell you how helpful these 2 posts are --- Check. Them. Out. Now.

The month of May brought us D Blog Week.  Once again put together by the amazing, Karen @ Bitter~Sweet.

Here are a few of the posts that DBW brought us ---

Jen at I am Your Pancreas wrote A Letter to Dexie --- Dex better step up his game or Jen just might throw him out the window.  Wouldn't that be a sight to see?

Misty @ Life is Like a Box of Chocolates wrote her Sweet Ally a letter titled 'I will Fight your Fight' inspired by the Rascal Flatts song 'I Won't Let Go'. It's a beautiful letter written by a loving D Mama to her sweet daughter that I believe all D-Rents can understand.

Sweet, Sweet Haley at Naturally Sweet wrote a letter to all of the Children with Diabetes (CWD). If you have a child with diabetes --- you must read this letter, print it out and share it with your child.  Thank you, Haley for being such a wonderful inspiration to the younger children living with type 1.  The D-rents thank you for honestly, openness and willingness to share your ups and downs with diabetes with us. 

Oh Reyna - Reyna - Reyna @ Beta Buddies . . . my lovely, lovely Reyna wrote an interesting letter to an earthworm. I promise you will never look or think about an earthworm the same way.  I saw one today and totally wanted to check the bg on that little guy.  Thanks, Reyna!

Nicole @ We Cara Lot wrote a letter about BALANCE.  Looking for some balance?  Look elsewhere my friends, with diabetes balance is tough to find.  I love the example of the picture that shows food, insulin and exercise.  Yes, if only diabetes were that easy.  Right?

I won't lie - Meri submitted a post for blogger basal but I lost it and she's in the happiest place on earth so I chose this one for her.  (Please don't be mad, Meri!)  I got to catch up on a lot of blog reading while drafting the May edition of BB and this post from Meri @ Our Diabetic Life really spoke to me.  Nighttime. It's a must read.  Just to tease you a little bit - here is one part that spoke the loudest to me --- She knows that there are others. Mothers and fathers quietly…tenderly… walking the halls of their homes. They are the guardian angels of their children.  It is nice in a way to know that we are not alone.

During this 2nd annual D-Blog Week a lot of us Super Christian, Regis & Kelly watching, Bon-Bon eating (ok I added the last one but it seemed to fit) D-Mamas found PWD blogger, Mike Lawson.  He is a crack up for sure but more importantly his honesty and openness about living with type 1 is greatly appreciated by the D-Mama community.  His post This is the one with 10 things I hate about Diabetes is so worth the mouse click to get over to his blog. 

Lora @ My Diabetic Child -- keeps it real -- ALWAYS.  This post on Day 7 of D-Blog week was short, sweet and to the point.  Lora and I see eye to eye on the glittery unicorns and how it is ok if we don't see them sparkle everyday.

Denise @ My Sweetest Boy left the choice up to me to select her post for blogger basal.  It was too hard to choose just one so I am using 2 of her D-blog Week entries.  1) Dear . . .  is a touching post about possibly writing a letter to Bryce (her T1 son) or maybe to her 2 other boys, Jaden and Drew but she decided to write a letter to Diabetes instead.  See what she had to say --- I couldn't agree with her words any more that I do!
2) Diabetes Through My Lens - - - I was really drawn to some of the pictures she posted so in case you missed them -- head over and check them out!

Beyond D-Blog week there were some other wonderful posts that I would like to share with you now . . .

Tracy at The Superhero and the Princess posted about Sweet Princess and a program called All About us Kids.  The DOC is such a wonderful place to get help, love and support from others living with diabetes. I know that Tracy will agree with me when I say that not only is the DOC so wonderful when it comes to T1D but the support that we get for our Non-D children is nothing short of amazing too. 

The next two posts are about how incredibly scary type 1 diabetes can be -- although, we all try to wake up each day with a great, big, glittery smile there are days that diabetes just sucks the life out of you and on those days it's ok to kick the fricking rainbow colored unicorn to the curb, sit down and blog it out.  That's what the DOC is all about . . . supporting through the good times and the bad, happiness and sad!

Heidi from D-Tales writes about educating about D and how some when people ask "How Are You?" it's just easier to say 'fine'.  Do people really want to know about the 39 that just popped on the meter and do we really need to share with them in front of our kids?

Hallie, Hallie Oh My Goodness grab your tissues for this post from Hallie @ The Princess and the Pump writes about SweetPea and The Scariest Night of Their Lives.  There is nothing I can say about this post except that this is it . . . this is what we work so hard to prevent.  This is why we check at night.  This is why we attach our children to these medical devices.  This is why we are here -- because no matter how hard we try and no matter how much we check sometimes things go wrong and when they do the DOC is hear to gently lift you up and support you. Always. 

Wa-wa-Wait --- don't put your tissues down. You are going to need them for Chasiti's post at Forget the Chicken Nuggets - You can't play on the Playground until you eat your Fries (Holy Long Blog Name but funny as hell)--- Two Years Ago.  It is a beautiful tribute to her baby girl's life being saved 2-years ago.

Heather from Sweet to the Soul writes a post titled Bitter Sweet Days.   Sweet Heather talks truthfully about her feelings on having a 2nd T1 diagnosis in the family and finding the right pump for her little Princess.  Praying for you and your beautiful family, Heather. 

Alexis at Justice's Misbehaving Pancreas allows Justice to tell his story about his diagnosis day.  The Day I Got Hurt --- by: Justice

Amy at DiaPeePees posted about another Terrific Tool of the Trade. And aren't we all looking for things to make D just a wee wee (haha - -  rhymes with pee pee) bit easier. 

Wheeewww . . . if you've made it this far then it is time to get down and have some fun with Denise (aka mom of Bean) from My Sweet Bean and Her Pod.  The post is titled -- I'll Spare You the Cupcakes and it quickly became the anthem for D Mamas EVERYWHERE.  Thank you, Denise and Ubergeek for rocking the DOC!!   

and last but certainly not least . . . Stephanie from My Life as a Pancreas gives some linky love to some awesome peeps in the DOC as well as featuring a very interesting 'Snuggly Pancreas'.  Missing your pancreas - - - head on over and check this one out.  :)

Thank you again, Denise and Ubergeek (I just really like calling someone Ubergeek) for rockin' the DOC with the official D-Mama anthem . . . 



Unknown said...

Laura you made Blogger Basal your BIATCH...xoxo. Great job. I am sooo looking forward to summer break...a couple of more weeks.

Tracy said...

Love the BB! Awesome job!

Awesome job! Looking forward to rereading some of the amazing posts and checking out the 'new to me' ones, too!
Rock on, Laura!!

Stephanie said...

Great job, Laura!! It is a lot of work putting all this together. ((hugs))

The DL said...

This is awesome! I love the recap! Thank you!

Denise said...

well done!
thanks for choosing for me. :-)

Amy said...

Bugger. How did I miss the deadline??? Shucksaroni. Oh well, there's always next month. I have a suspicious feeling I will still be a member of the DOC when that deadline rolls around ;)

Lovely job, Laura!!!

Frank said...

Thank you for the entries. I ran across a interesting article on Celiac Regression and its links to osteoporosis. This is a long way off for you guys, but some interesting medical info.

Holly said...

You did a fabulous job, Laura!! : ) and the video is awesome, Denise!! : ) great job, ladies!

Meri said...

LOL! I can't stop laughing of the idea of being "mad" at you. I can't ever imagine having a bad feeling toward you Laura. You are one of God's most amazing angels.

Hugs to you, and to all the other amazing DOC bloggers! And props to Denise's AWESOMENESS!

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