Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Double A1c Test

A week or so ago Kelly over at Diabetesaliciousness™
posted about the Bayer A1C Now Self Check test and then Joanne texted to let me know that said testing kit was on sale at CVS for $9.99.  Woo-Hoo -- that's a $20 savings!  I bought 2 boxes!  Each box has 2 kits. What a deal.

I held on to the test for about a week and finally opened it up.  There are a lot of very specific directions -- I was glad that I'd read Kelly's post reassuring me that it really was easy to use!

I wanted to give it to Nate because we hadn't had insurance since September (more on that in my next post) so we haven't had his a1c checked since that time.  At last check his a1c was 7.2. 
For a about a week or so we were dealing with some serious highs. We pushed through and slowly made changes to his basal rates and we've now nearly doubled his basal rates.

By George, I think the honeymoon is over!!!

Nate's test was easy peasy - It is just a finger prick and he doesn't even blink an eye for those.  The 5 minutes actually flew by and I had his result before I even knew it.


It's a little higher but not nearly as bad as I was afraid it would be after all of those high blood sugars.  I feel confident that his new basals are working well (for now) and I'm hoping to get it down a bit before our Endo appointment next month.

The truth be told I didn't actually buy the test for Nate - the fact that there were 2 kits in the box was a BONUS!

I've been worried.  Concerned.  Stressed out.  Sad.  Unsure.

My sweet Sophie has been so thirsty.  So thirsty!   I know this thirst.

Then the peeing - I know this peeing.

She loves milk.  I wish you could hear her say milk - it's so cute.
Mommy, will you get me some more meeeeelk please?  It's so cute but heartbreaking at the same time.  Meeeelk.  Nate loved meeeelk.  Meeeelk is the reason I knew there was something wrong with Nate. I'd never seen any one person drink that much meeeelk in my life!

I've been testing her bg randomly and I've gotten numbers all over the place.

I was voicing my concerns to my friends, Jessica and Joanne when one of them mentioned that checking for ketones or doing the A1c test would probably give me some answers.

I didn't want to freak her out with the blood ketone meter - - - that sucker requires a lot of blood! So we did the pee strips and she LOVED it.  She wanted to pee on the little strip every time she had to 'go'. Each and every time we tested they never changed colors.  I was pretty convinced they were broken until I got sick and used one and whooooaaaa momma - RED!

Step 2 was the a1c test.  She hates having her bg checked so I waited until she went to sleep and . . . 1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . . SHUNK!  The five minute wait on this one seemed to last forever!  Forever!

Finally it appeared ---




Tracy said...

Glad her A1C was "normal" and I hope it stays that way!

And way to go for an awesome A1C for Nate too!

Denise said...

Whew!!! What a relief...and I KNOW that feeling!!

Unknown said...

Ahhhh....the sweet SHUNK of success :)

Awesome job on Nates A1c! And thank goodness whoohoo for Sophies. J used to love meeelk the same way. Sweetness.

I looked for them here for dh since hes t2 with no insurance who

Unknown said...


Penny said...

Wheeeee!!!! YES is right hon!

Jen said...

Sweet! Great A1 C for Nate and a big brow wiping sigh of relief for Sophie!

Donna said...

Deep breath - let it out sloooooowly.
What relief!
AND GREAT A1C for Nate, too!!!! =)

NikDuck said...

Yeah! I loved reading that great A1C number for your daughter! What a relief!

Amy said...

Woo-To-The-Hoo!!!!!! Must have been an enormous sigh of relief. Good for you for testing in the first place. I don't know if I would have the balls to do it. Nice work, mama.

Choosing Joy in 2011, Amy

Suzanne said...

Yay! Total sigh of relief ... so happy Sophie's was a-ok!

Lora said...

I think I would have been in denial!! You are one awesomely brave Mama :) Glad to see that number :)

Kelly said...

I LOVE we can just do a quick finger poke for our Non D kids and SEE they are ok RIGHT THEN! YAY!! And Hallelujah for 5.2!!!

Heather said...

so glad it was normal!! I have have tested my other two girls blood sugars so often they are starting to get used to it. I am SO paranoid.

Pam said...

Sometimes a D-mama's peace of mind is worth exactly $9.99. So glad it worked out for you. I wish I could hear the little meeeelk. Sounds adorable! My little boy used to ask for "ice cold muk."

Anna said...

I bought three boxes. Thanks for letting everyone know. Of course, if you've seen my e-mail you know that the home ones were way off from our Endo's and we were totally crushed. I'm so glad Sophie's sugar was normal. We've tested Ryder many times and he does not like it! So sorry to hear about your insurance troubles. I remember that you said you raced around getting ready for the switch but thought you found new coverage. I hope the TX one works for you.

Meri said...

Oh my goodness, I missed this post. What a glorious number! For BOTH of them my friend! Deep breath!!! Awesome!

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