Friday, October 8, 2010

This, That & The Other

1st --- I want to say that I thought all of the No D-Day Posts were greatness.  I really enjoyed reading and learning more about the people that blog about D (yes, you people that live in my computer - I'm talking about you!!).

Way to go Ninjabetic!!  Congratulations on a very successful No D campaign!

2nd --- I would like to thank everyone for all of the kind words about our home.  I love to decorate and am excited to be able to find that passion again after a year absence.  And for those of you that thought my house was tidy - - - please know it's all in the angle of the camera!!  Just so that you don't think I'm a big, fat liar --- here is a picture of my office.  OMG - are you ready for this??  It's embarrassing! 

Yep - - - that's where I'm sitting RIGHT NOW!!  No wonder my posts are always so crazy - look at my work area.  If it doesn't have a home - - - it somehow always ends up in this room.  I may or may not clean it out this weekend - - - that remains to be seen.  :)

3rd --- I forgot to thank Reyna over at Beta Buddies and Hallie at The Princess and the Pump for giving me the idea of a home tour for my non-D post.  Thanks, Ladies. 

4th --- Check out Jen's Sugar Bolus over at I Am Your Pancreas.
 It's a good one so GO CHECK IT OUT!!


Nicole said...

Thanks for keeping it real :) p.s. my computer room is way worse...FOR REAL!! and I loved no D Day wonderful idea it was sooo much fun!!

Denise said...

Thanks Laura! Your office is more representative of my whole house ;-)
Loved no-D day!

Looks like my office at the moment!!!

Meri said...

Yesterday was fun! Super Mom's are still Super Human. Everyone needs a place to put the overflow!

AjsMommy82 said...

My desk looks exactly the same! :) Thanks for sharing!!

Unknown said...

Overflow - CHECK! Love the REAL you, no matter what :)

Stephanie said...

LOL! Thank that is what MY house looks like!!

Jen said...

Thanks for that Laura! My whole house looks like your office :)

That's tidy compared to my office, so be proud!

Seriously, I need a bulldozer to clean my office... and most of my house, come to think of it...

Heather said...

We all have one area that looks like that! I loved no D-day too. :)

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