Monday, October 4, 2010

See Nate Play!


Renata said...

Not nice! Big Bully, "beating up" on young children as they play on the playground. Don't you just wish sometimes you had a physical representation of "diabetes" so you could give it a few punches? I know I do.

We have a tumbling class that is back to back for 2 hours on Wednesdays and dont you know it doesnt matter how many carbs I push he still will go low. How in the world are we supposed to keep little 2 year old boys from being so active??? I mean really... why cant they go low from sitting around watching tV all day instead??

Lora said...


I see nate is so sweet ;)

Stephanie said...

Aw, what a sweetheart he is! I am always so amazed at how low Adam's blood sugar is after he's been at the park. ((hugs))

Cdejulius said...

See Nate rest comfortably all night because he has a guardian angel who loves him enough to forfeit her nights sleep . . .Nate's guardian angel is his sweet Mother . . .God knew what He was doing in sending this sweet boy to one of God's best . . .my precious Laura. See GaGa smile because I can claim her as mine . . .

Joanne said...

See Joanne knee Diabetes in the groin...

Poor Nate, give him a big smooch from Elise!

Amanda said...

Bless his cute little heart...and yours too!

Nicole said...

LOL Joanne :)

and poor Nate :(

Unknown said...

Oh JO - you are too funny...I was gonna say "See Reyna tug on Diabetes' "ball sac".." and funny how we are assuming "d" is a "he".

BIG OL' hugs to you and Nate. I love GaGa's response Laura...she is so proud of you and all that you do.

Ofcourse I hate that Nate was low but what a creative way to show what our kiddos go through! I heart u!

That was such a happy story, but I'm not a big fan of the ending.


Meri said...

See Laura work her bahootie off to make those lows go away! I know what a grind it is friend. I am sorry we all can't be closer to support one another. Love you!

Anonymous said...

See D mama's no sleep?! That was adorable, but the end??? D is such a DOG! ((HUGS))

Sarah said...

I am so happy to see that D isn't stopping your boy from being so happy. We're struggling with both ends of the dreaded d monster these days, HIGHS then lows...ICKY! I just want some kind of norm for a few hours, please!

Penny said...

Love the story. Don't like the ending. BOO to 41!

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